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Vinyl records and turntables have been growing once again in popularity over the last decade, whether it’s among music connoisseurs, elderly listeners looking to relive their youth, or younger listeners seeking an authentic experience.

A majority of the people responsible for the revival of the turntables were statistically people in their mid-30s, but that isn’t to say that the new generation wasn’t a part of that wave.

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Younger people nowadays prefer music that is easily playable and stored in more compact methods such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

But how come the new generation shows great interest in turntables and vinyl records?

These old record players emit a sound like no other, something that music that you downloaded this morning on your phone won’t be able to do. Most songs come in analog, and one of the best ways to experience the quality of the music is to listen to them through analog as well.

While digital music offers you the convenience that you can listen to it at any time, and any place, the analog to digital compression would compromise the auditory value of the music. Even just appreciating the cover art, taking the vinyl out of its sleeves, and running it through the turntable is an experience you won’t be getting with the digital way of listening, which is very one-dimensional to some people out there.

Collection also plays a huge role in the resurgence of vinyl records and turntables.

You can’t make a collection out of digital records, and many of those records can be easily replicated. On the other hand, vinyl records and turntables are items that can be limited-edition. Tangibility allows you to collect and store these items for a timeless vibe while also providing you impeccable music quality.

Nowadays, the demand in the market is nostalgia, and vinyl records and turntables hold so much sentimental value that people are buying them to get that classic feel and connection towards the music they so dearly admire.

But a significant factor that makes vinyl records and turntables a hit with the newer generation is the feeling of wanting to experience music like how the older generations have, through something that has been modernized and made famous.

Considering all those factors, isn’t maintaining turntables a bit of a chore?

Some of the drawbacks include:

  • Turntables require periodic maintenance.
  • Reconfiguration and re-tuning are needed when moving turntables.
  • Cartridges would expire no matter how much you care for them. The best you can do is buy a sturdy spare like the Black Diamond replacement styli.
  • Vinyl is more complicated to store than CDs (due to temperature issues for vinyl, mold could grow, etc.)

The young people who had invested a good amount of money would most likely not mind the tedious processes and expensive accessories. In fact, this same demographic who want to get the best experience to listen to music is very passionate in that aspect, and keeping those items in good condition is part of their experience.

Wrapping Up

Vinyl records and Turntables have appealed to millennials and younger people. As a result, turntables have maintained their popularity and allure, and to say that they have made a comeback is an understatement. However, despite the growing popularity of digital content, the traditional way of listening to music will continue to exist for a long time. It will most likely outlast younger alternatives in the future.

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