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External DVD Player with Laptop : It all started with netbooks many years ago: They were small and cheap, but one of their biggest drawbacks was the lack of an optical drive. Normal laptops are increasingly sharing this fate. From the point of view of mobility and power consumption, the lack of a drive in notebooks makes perfect sense.

The simplest solution is an external drive that you usually connect to the computer via USB, preferably USB-C. The external CD / DVD drive draws its power from the socket via the USB cable or a power cable, depending on the model.

Those who value as little additional luggage as possible can opt for the extra-thin slimline model. In addition, the user has the choice between external drives. That pull the CD in through a drawer or through a narrow slot, similar to the CD player in a car. The latter variant is usually even thinner, but does not have mini CDs. When buying the drive, it is best to use a burner right away: you not only read data with it, but also write backups to CD or DVD.

Usually the external CD drives lag slightly behind their internal colleagues in terms of speed. You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for an external burner; entry-level models cost less than 30 dollars.

Connect and Set Up an External DVD Drive

As the name suggests, an external DVD drive is a stand-alone DVD drive in an external housing. That can be connected to any computer with a USB cable. This mainly affects computers without their own DVD drives, such as the aforementioned netbooks. As with all USB devices, the setup is very easy:

  1. Start your computer before connecting the drive. Now connect the drive with the USB cable to a free USB port on your computer. If you are using a Windows PC. it may now take 1 to 2 minutes until the drive is correctly recognized and set up. You can follow the status in the lower right corner (next to the clock) in your start bar.
  2. After the drive has been set up correctly, a corresponding message appears and the drive is immediately available in your workstation as if it were an internal drive.
  3. An external DVD drive on a Mac is simply displayed as a new icon on the desktop after connection. It is also integrated into the Finder and can be used like any internal DVD drive.
  4. However, do you want z. If, for example, you are installing an operating system via an external DVD drive. you must ensure that your PC can start (boot) from USB media.

MacBook Air – Connect a CD drive like this

The Macbook Air was the first computer from Apple that did not have an integrated…

  1. You will most likely find the corresponding settings in the user manual of your mainboard (for complete PCs in the general user manual). You must activate this option before you will be able to boot from your external DVD drive. A corresponding option is usually activated or deactivated in the BIOS.

If you don’t know exactly what you can do in the BIOS, contact a specialist. Incorrect settings in the BIOS can damage your entire computer system and render it unusable.

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