Idubbbz girlfriend

Idubbbz girlfriend

“Palm”, dir. Alexander Domogarov Jr., 2020

The action of the picture develops in the mid-1970s in the Soviet Union. Palm is the nickname of the German Shepherd. Its owner (Jan Tsapnik & Idubbbz girlfriend) flies abroad on business. The strict employees of the Vnukovo airport do not allow him to take the dog with him. The plane takes off from the ground, and Palm stays right on the airfield. The dog hides at the airport and meets every IL-18 in the hope of seeing the owner again. Time runs.

A 9-year-old boy Kolya (Leonid Basov) arrives from Sverdlovsk to the capital. His mother died, and he came to live with his father – pilot Lazarev (Viktor Dobronravov). The child and the dog become best friends, because each of them has no one else. Palma continues to wait for the owner’s return, while Kolya and his dad are trying to get to know each other better.

The film of the young director Domogarov Jr. is based on real events: in 1974-1976, a faithful dog was waiting in Vnukovo for its owner, who flew to the North for work. idubbbz girlfriend Palma (and this is the name of the German shepherd both in the film and in life) became the heroine of a note by journalist Yuri Rost in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. The whole Union spoke of a dog whose touching devotion could rival Hachiko. “Palma” is not only a movie about the touching friendship of a boy and a dog, but also a family drama about the relationship between father and son.

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Beethoven, dir. Brian Levant, 1992

A St. Bernard puppy who escaped from a pet store gets into the Newton family. The kids want to keep the dog, but Dad George (Charles Grodin) isn’t happy with the idea. And yet he agrees. The puppy barks to the sound of the piano when Emily’s youngest daughter (Sarah Rose Carr) plays the Fifth Symphony, so they decide to call him Beethoven. He immediately becomes everyone’s favorite and protector, once even rescuing Emily idubbbz girlfriend drowning in the pool. When the dog is taken to the veterinarian for vaccination, he falls into evil hands, and then the family has to save Beethoven.

On the poster of this film it was stated that the author of its script was Edmond Dantes (the hero of the novel by Alexandre Dumas “The Count of Monte Cristo”). Such a comic pseudonym was taken by John Hughes, the creator of many iconic comedies, including Sixteen Candles , The Breakfast Club and Home Alone.

“Hachiko: the most faithful friend”, dir. LasseHallstrom, 2009

Richard Gere plays Professor Parker Wilson, who finds a puppy sent from Japan to America at the train station. He keeps the dog for himself, and they quickly become great friends. Every morning, Hachiko escorts Parker to the train station, where he gets on the train and goes to the university. But one day the professor suddenly dies of a heart attack right in the lecture and does not return home. Hachiko continues to come to meet the owner at the station every day.

“Call of the Ancestors”, dir. Chris Sanders, 2020

In Chris Sanders’ somewhat old-fashioned film, Beethoven meets Gladiator. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a St. Bernard named Buck was kidnapped from a Californian judge and sold into slavery in the northern states. The dog is forced to work in a sleigh team in the icy Klondike, where the gold rush has attracted thousands of desperate souls seeking wealth. But Buck finds a friend in a gray-haired old prospector named Thornton, played by Harrison Ford. Thornton is sad and cares more about freedom than gold.

“Marley and Me”, dir. David Frankel, 2008

Marley is the favorite Labrador Retriever of the Grogan family. For fifteen years, he has been witnessing all family dramas, career crises and problems with older relatives. Marley’s devotee teaches the Grogan one big life lesson: the importance of the unconditional love that dogs give us.

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American journalist Grogan, based on whose memoirs the film was made, is played by Owen Wilson. Marley is portrayed by two dogs – Clyde and John. Jennifer Aniston plays Grogan’s wife, competing with Marley idubbbz girlfriend for her husband’s love. She, a talented journalist, left her career to take care of family and children. Grogan is a budding Florida newspaper reporter who writes a popular column about Marley. Marley and Me drifts between comedy and teary melodrama, but the presence of a cute dog in the plot makes this film truly audience. In total, three books have been written about Marley, one of them for the youngest readers.

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“Dachshund”, dir. Todd Solondz, 2016

Like all of Todd Solondz’s films, Dachshund is a black comedy with little downright funny in it. The plot is an anthology of stories link by a common hero – a dachshund. In the first story, Julie Delpy and Tracey Letts play Dinah and Danny, an unhappy couple whose little son Remy is recovering from cancer. They give a dachshund to Remi, hoping to cheer up their son. In the next episode, Don (Greta Gerwig), the assistant veterinarian, hopes the dachshund is the right way to melt the heart of Brandon (Siege of orgrimmarentrance ), whom she remembers from elementary school as a notorious bully.

Danny DeVito plays Dave Schmertz (German for pain), a retired screenwriter who teaches at a film school where students despise him and his only friend is a dachshund. Finally, Ellen Burstyn plays Nana getting old a blind and embitter woman visited by Zoe’s granddaughter (Zosia Mamet) and her fantasy concept artist boyfriend (Michael Shaw). Fantasy wants to create a sculpture of Nana’s dachshund.

Frankenweenie, dir. Tim Burton, 2012

Boy Victor Frankenstein dreams of becoming a scientist. He has a faithful friend – Sparky’s dog. Victor’s father wants the boy to play sports, and one day, when Victor and Sparky are playing football, the dog dies under the wheels of a car. The boy intends to resurrect Sparky using his knowledge. He digs the dog out of the grave, sews it together in parts and connects it to a powerful charge of electric current. Sparky comes to life, but because of the unsightly appearance he has to be hidden in the attic.

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“Island of Dogs”, dir. Wes Anderson, 2018

The plot develops in the Japan of the future. In response to outbreaks of canine flu, the dog-hating Mayor of Kobayashi expels the mongrels from Megasaki City to Garbage Island, starting right from his home. Having lost his best friend, Kobayashi’s ward, boy Atari, flies to Garbage Island, where he meets a flock of terrible and indestructible alpha dogs. Among them is Atari’s pet – Spots. The dogs are voice by famous actors Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, idubbbz girlfriend, Edward Norton and Brian Cranston. Among the four-legged friends there is a female who speaks in the voice of Scarlett Johansson.

“White God”, dir. Cornel Mundruzzo, 2014

In the center of the story is 13-year-old Lily (ZofiaPsotta), whose father drives her beloved dog Hagen out into the street, where he has to fend for himself. Hagen begins his journey through the underground world of Budapest. Traded into the illegal dog fighting industry before escaping from his captors, it becomes a ruthless killing machine. Meanwhile, Lily is looking for herself. Her hardships are reflect in the suffering of her four-legged friend. All this can be read like a parable about a downtrodden and deprived of rights Europe, but the film also has a magical sentimental note – carnival poetry in the frame, when a flock of dogs is following a girl on a bicycle along the deserted streets of cities.

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