How to make at least 1 million gold in World of Warcraft

If your player in WoW has no money, you are unlikely to enjoy the game. After all, you lost the ability to provide repair, equipment, consumables, and other items. But experienced players know the basic ways to earn several million golds in World of Warcraft. We will tell you about them in this article.

Sell and buy at auction

The meeting place of all fans of WoW gold is the Auction House. It has suffered many changes, but there is still a profit to be made. If, of course, you know how to sell something expensive and cheap to buy. One way is to become a monopolist, that is, to buy, for example, all metal and resell it at a higher price. Good investments are recipes for crafting, which very rarely can be bought. Be prepared for the fact that not all investments will pay off and you will trade all items.

Sometimes, rare items fall from mobs, which at auction can bring a lot of money. For example, a rare old recipe or a beautiful transmogrification item can make you richer by several tens of thousands of gold. Combat pets are valued at about 1,000 gold. Estimate the value of the item before selling it.

Don’t rush to buy new items at auction. After all, you can save a large amount of gold by completing the tasks in the dungeon. This way you get free new armor.

In order not to overpay, use the addon “Auctioneer” – it will help to find the best price for you. You can also periodically view the cost, check on specialized sites or ask members of your guild.

Get mining jobs 

Having two craft skills is sure to pay off in the near future. At certain levels, some of them are very popular. One of the mandatory skills is mining. You will be able to get rich as soon as you acquire the necessary skills. Blacksmiths and engineers will want to buy from you ingots, and jewelers and other miners – ore. The higher your professionalism, the higher your income. At higher levels, you will be able to melt steel from titanium and earn a daily income.

Keep in mind that the ore of the defiled iron is the most in-demand and can bring more than 400 gold per day. Some people earn up to 1,000 a day without spending any money. The ore can also be melted into ingots, and they cost twice as much.

While, for example, blacksmiths, to make a good product, you need to buy a lot of rare ingredients. And not the fact that they will sell it profitably.

Jewellery and fishing are also good options. At level 450 you will be able to catch any fish. For 20 pieces of ox or salmon usually give 70 gold, and a wad of fish – for 50 gold. Jewellery is also not so profitable at first, but then it begins to bear money.

Even low-level rings and necklaces are in demand, as they are rarely caught in quests. In addition, with the help of jewellery skills, the player acquires the ability to explore: smash the ore to find gems.

In general, mining professions have a number of advantages for earning gold:

– they can be pumped quickly and cheaply, you do not need to learn expensive recipes. It is enough sometimes to visit the coach profession;

– unlike items, resources are always needed. Even if they are not bought through auction, they may be needed by ordinary traders. In addition, resources for the professions have a stable cost and are not cheaper when opening new dungeons;

– you can earn money right after getting a profession. Even without pumping, you can get some gold.

Get producing professions

Something to produce is also not the worst option. It allows you to extract materials that other players need. Learn how to remove hides, collect herbs and enchant.

Skins can be removed from slain monsters or players. On the initial levels, the tanner collects the scraps of spoiled skin and then passes to light skin. The lighter the skin, the higher the profit. Your lucky ticket is a dead rabbit.

Herbs can be sold to alchemists and scribes. Moreover, they can be found in many places, unlike ore. Look at the auction, which herbs are in demand and most expensive, and then go to the gathering.

To earn money in producing professions, you need to consider a few points:

– only a highly-trained profession is valued. It is unlikely that you will be able to profitably sell something made from low-level recipes. Most likely, you will not be able to return the money spent on the creation of the object;

– once you get a rare recipe, you will be able to significantly increase the price of the finished item. But they are found only in high-level dungeons and raids.

Go on quests

Almost all World of Warcraft assignments is rewarded with money or items. If you’re lucky, both. Only on quests, you will not get rich, but award items can be useful. We advise you to choose those that correspond to your class.

At the same time, performing daily quests, it is possible to generate up to 100 gold bars per day. Do you think how players buy elite flying mounts? Perform daily quests! And if at a higher level to pass the tasks of the 70th level, you can get as much as 1200 gold bars.


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