Scalp Micropigmentation

Have you heard of scalp micropigmentation? It’s a kind of magic, an illusion if you will, that creates the appearance of a natural, shaved head of hair, like what they are doing in Scalp Micropigmentation New York, which is a good thing.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an advanced cosmetic process in which a trained technician uses micro-needles to insert pigment into the hair follicles. They do this by tattooing a stippling pattern on your bald head that imitates hair follicles cut close to the scalp.

A skilled practitioner will work to ensure the dots look like a natural hair follicle and blend in seamlessly with your complexion. 

Origin of Scalp Micropigmentation

Body enhancement or beautification, particularly in our face and head, has been done for centuries. 

Although it can be traced back much further, a man by the name of Sutherland MacDonald is credited with performing the first permanent makeup procedures on the more daring of his clientele, like tattooed lip liner, eyebrow shaping, or blush on the cheeks.

But it will take almost a century before the first reported use of micropigmentation on the scalp was done in 2001 by Traquina who reported the results of micropigmentation performed in 62 patients with scalp scars. However, this method was crude, scalp micropigmentation has greatly refined over time.

Usage of Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is popular among both men and women who experience all forms of hair loss. Unlike other hair restoration options, there’s no limit to who can undergo the SMP procedure, including Men suffering from male pattern baldness, Women suffering from genetic hair loss (usually called female pattern baldness), Those suffering from hair loss due to medications or health conditions, People suffering from alopecia, and People who wish to cover damage to their scalp from burns or scarring.

For those individuals who have problems with their receding hairline, this is a great way of augmenting your hairline edges.

SMP offers a non-medical, tattoo-based cosmetically appealing, and effective “cover-up” that hides the unsightly conditions. The cosmetic tattoo placement creates an illusion of thicker hair.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

There is no doubt that hair loss affects our confidence and self-esteem because we don’t feel as attractive as they once did. That’s why scalp micropigmentation is the best course of action for those in this position, because of the numerous benefits this procedure can offer to those suffering from hair loss.

1. No False Claims

With all those hair loss products in the market claiming they can do, scalp micropigmentation is different, because it is not for hair growth and a cure for their baldness, nor does it claim to be.

2. Safe

A local anesthetic is used for scalp micropigmentation to keep it pain-free. No need to use any chemicals, require any incisions, nor any injection for that matter.

3. Affordable

To waste hard-earned money on ineffective tonics or shampoos every week or the cost of hair transplant are not so cost-effective compared to this procedure, because scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss and it will only cost you once.

4. Fast Procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is finished in only a couple of sessions and even after the first session, the results are quite realistic.

5. Fast Healing

Healing time is limited to only a few days because of the non-invasive procedure. There are no dressings to change, or stitches to be concerned with. All that is needed is thorough cleaning in the following weeks.

6. Little Maintenance

There is no need to buy expensive hair products, nor is there extra time wasted on styling. Simply wash the pigmented area, and head out the door for a night out with friends, or a special lady.

7. Look Younger

The scalp micropigmentation gives men back their hair and also creates that shaved-head look that is worn by even the biggest movie stars, men can reacquaint themselves with their younger self, feel much younger and confident. 

8. Long Lasting

The pigmentation will never fall out because it will last for years, and more so, it can be updated to match changing styles, or even to add a new color.

9.Looks Realistic

To be sure of a genuine look, the pigments are matched to both existing hair color, as well as skin tone, for the most realistic look achievable.

10. Hides Imperfections

Scars from past injuries, hair transplant procedures and even receding hairline are just an easy task in camouflaging those imperfections.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

You may think scalp micropigmentation is life long and it will last forever; well, not quite, even tattoos fade away, eventually. It lost its vibrant colors in the passing of time. 

Same here in scalp micropigmentation. The good thing about this process is that it can last anywhere between four to six years. It’s highly recommended to go in for touch-ups after those four to six years and repeat that maintenance process to get the most out of your investment.

Well, what do you think? Still, in doubt, the scalp micropigmentation can do for you? Don’t be, we have given you ten good reasons to try SMP as a remedy for your hair loss. There are no better reasons we can think of than what we just gave you. 

Furthermore, think of the emotional benefit it can give to you. Like the added self-confidence and the boosted morale are key elements in making any decision, which scalp micropigmentation can provide.

Bottom Line

Not every tattoo artist can perform scalp micropigmentation nor any technician can. They must be properly trained professionals to recognize standards within the industry. 

They must know how to use the required equipment in the process to ensure good results, for it can not be done using a tattoo machine. 

Lastly, tattoo artists used tattoo ink for their work, but this is not the proper ink. The appropriate link to use for scalp micropigmentation is the scalp pigment and nothing else, to avoid discoloration.

Look for these three requirements before you embark on scalp micropigmentation.


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