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Anyone during this pandemic will know how hard it has been to be apart from loved ones, especially during special occasions. Some of us were used to traveling over to friends and relatives not just to celebrate, but simply to spend time with. While the majority of us have adapted by now to the changes, some of our friends might still find it hard to see how it might get a little bit sooner for things to return to normal, and that someone might be your bestie.

If you’re someone planning to make your best friend’s birthday special despite the current pandemic but don’t know which is the best to send your love, worry no more! We listed down the unique ways you can celebrate their special day like never before. Because when it comes to making birthday celebrations nothing can hinder us from making our loved ones cared for, remembered, and celebrated. So whether you’re residing miles away from your loved one or you’re living with them here are ways you can make their special day an unforgettable one.

1. The Bestie Package

If your bestie is someone you know who deserves the best break ever for being the person they are, then one way to make them feel pampered is to send them a  pamper-yourself-set of gifts especially picked by you. Plan a package to be delivered containing multiple items that she would use to inspire her to celebrate and enjoy her day.

You can send in rose petals in a jar, include scented candles, and throw them inside a small black party dress. To complete this set, pair her dress with shining jewelry or a timepiece like a Marc Jacobs Watch, a bottle of wine, and wallah! Enclose the package with a note to announce her to reign over the day as queen and for sure you’ll have her smiling over what she will open.

You can include pictures, or notes of memories both you had when an item reminds you of such times, in that way it serves as a shared experience for both of you. You can even write lovely notes for each gift you chose to include in the package to remind her how she deserves each item and why she has to spoil herself on her big day. 

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2. Lawn Surprises

If you’re not the sentimental type then you can do a surprise with the help of a few friends. Even during this pandemic we can still reach out to each other and make a touching surprise for our loved ones. You can contact all your best friend’s close friends and plan a lawn parade. Ask them to drive through her lawn on her special day to honk and throw out their gifts to her, or display a banner of greetings and pop a party popper to celebrate her special day.

They can also leave something behind, like uniquely made signages to greet her happy birthday. Even the small passing time each of you will spend to drop by in front of her house will surely move her to tears, as you give her a unique experience even when you cannot physically hug her. 

3. Radio Message, Snail Mail, And Random Surprises 

Another way to make your bestie feel special is when you go above and beyond the simple approach of greeting her on her special day. You can call a local radio station and ask for a favor to play your sweet and short birthday greetings on the air at a certain time. Ask your best friend to stay in tune with the station, and you will surely have her tearing up for sending your birthday greetings through the airwaves.

To double up this surprise, send a snail mail over to her- because nothing beats the old school method of sending a thoughtful letter especially when people least expect it. Another random surprise that will catch her off guard is creating a video birthday greeting made by people she wouldn’t know of, or in short your not-so-common friends, this surprise will leave her wondering how you got these seemingly random people to greet her on her day!

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4. Send Them a Virtual Song Cover

A lot of our socialization is done through online meetings, so why not take advantage of this method? Round up your best friend’s loved ones and friends and have them do a virtual song cover as a surprise for your bestie. Hey, if celebrities can do it, so can we, right? You can either have them pre-record their performance or do it live on the spot, and even though not all of us can sing well, the person on the other screen being dedicated the song to will either be moved to tears laughing or crying.

Either way, it’s a win-win!  Your group performance will surely reap an A+ vocal score for the effort. You can even set up the birthday celebrant and have her believe that the song cover she is about to hear is to raise funds for a special cause and have her reaction recorded after she finds out what her loved ones had to pull off to make this birthday surprise. 

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5. Do a Virtual Party and Send the Invitees the Props

Another means to find a way around the distance is to host a special virtual party for your best friend. Have everybody dress up including the birthday celebrant, and select a theme that will make her feel loved. Send the props, food, cake, and drinks and pick the playlist beforehand to her friends and relatives, and set up some virtual games for the night.

To make the party feel more intimate, make each of your bestie’s gifts, the props, the cake, the drinks, be sent via delivery before the party starts and once she finally receives the last one, announce to her your surprise virtual party along with her loved ones for the day or night. Let your best friend know that even with social distancing you and her loved ones can party hard together even via the screen.

To Things Sum Up

Your best friend’s birthday will be special in a different way thanks to the pandemic, and because of this physical separation, we can all find new ways of celebrating more years together!

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