The productivity rates of the world are at very high places. The world has been doing wonders in the field of technology day by day. As the world is moving fast the technology is working at a very high speed more than the world, but in terms of technology, the world is moving at a very high speed.

The world has been progressing very fast in every field. There have been several technologies that have made to advancement to the business industry. There have been several tools introduced for the ease of business industry.

The tools like Microsoft Office, power bi, skype, and many others have made it easy for all the business holders to continue their business using small tools that help in the flourishing of their business all across the globe.

As the world has been doing online businesses it is done with the help of these online tools that make a reliable source of doing business for all the businesses. is a reliable place to get a subscription to the futuristic service of power bi. The Power bi is a tool introduced by the Microsoft team where the BU in the name is abbreviated as Business Intelligence.

The tool is a sort of helping hand for all the businessmen, the tool provides reporting, data analytics, data visualization, products, services for all the businessmen and their firms.

The tool stands out with noticeable streamlined publications and distribution capabilities as well as is fully capable of doing integrations with other Microsoft Office tools. The tool was first introduced in the year 2014 but was fully introduced in the year 2021 in March. Some stability updates made it easier to use for everyone.

Power Bi Features

  • Very Easy to use:

The power BI tool is very easy to use. It doesn’t matter what skill you have and what are trying to learn. You can easily learn how to use Power BI. It is a very easy process to make great strides using the power BI.

After knowing the correct way to use this tool. You don’t need any analytic expert to generate the reports. This tool has attracted the businesses towards a data-centric culture and fully inspires the business owners to empower their employees to use the analytics daily in their reporting.

The application power BI is designed in such a way that anybody familiar with Microsoft Excel can easily use it.

  • Custom Dashboards:

The users familiar with the working of the Power BI tool know that this tool enables the users to easily design their dashboards to keep track of metrics that are important to them. Such customization can happen only at either an individual, team or department.

The tool allows you to choose data that is specific to their purposes. The users can fully apply the preferred visualizations to display and connect that data.

The users can easily share and collaborate on their findings with each other. The tool provides 100% relevant information cut to cut that is workable for the user.

  • Great Data Processing:

The application can pull a very huge amount of data from its numerous sources. This means that the business owner can get the unified data from different areas of the business. It doesn’t matter if the data is present on the cloud or the premises. The sources from where they collect data excel, dynamic 365, SharePoint, or the business server.

  • Compelling Visualizations:

There a hundred options that are provided to prepare visualizations to select the best form to build your business attractive. The visuals and reports presented by the tool are very much satisfying and compelling. The view of the user is also very important to find out the compelling of data.

The understanding and action are dependent on the view of the user. The tool presents the user with numerous ideas that are up to the user to go for what strikes exactly the place that the user wants. The tool provides the user to enhance their reports, presentations and designs creative so that they understand the information fast and easily.

  • Actionable Insights:

Intelliworx has provided you a brilliant tool that is cohesive and is fully able to provide you with your data that is at your fingertips. The tool provides opportunities for the improvements and transformations that are needed within the organization.

You can easily optimize everything starting from spending on logistics, operations, customer relationships, and employee performance. You can use the forecasting capabilities available in the tool power BI for the advancement of your business.

If you are not sure or agreed with the suggestion you can improve the working of the tool by simple question and answers with the tool to improve the quality of the search results.


In the past times, the whole business community was facing backlash because of inefficient reporting and incomplete,  documentation because everything was done by hand. The staff used to enter all sorts of data by hand that was very much time-consuming but now there are Excel spreadsheets and PDFs.

But as time has passed it also looks like a hard and sophisticated task to do that daily at every step. The executives have now been able to get a clear and transparent view of their business. The tool Microsoft Power BI has changed everything in the business lives.

The bosses have been able to get a very clear view of their business details. The staff can also take a deep look at the analytics and can collaborate for the improvement of operations, patient care, marketing of products, and keeping complete and exact records of finances.

The possibilities with the Power BI are great and they are constantly expanding. They are getting better time by time. This tool has been a lifesaver for all the businesses and the paperwork has now disappeared just because of the tool. It can wonderfully perform all the analytics to make better business decisions and achievements of the goals possible. Read more at

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