If there is one thing that most humans want, it is companionship. Some people might be thinking that they can live alone, but you will still end up looking for someone that would be there with you. It might take some time before you will realize this, as you can read here, but it will hit you hard once you do. There have been many examples in history where individuals looked for ways to have someone around them even if they are not real. They are not the best alternative, but sometimes it is all you have to help you survive.

For this reason, one of the most popular alternatives to having someone around is to have a pet. They are not humans, but they would have the intelligence to help you around. Some of them are even documented as having some human-like characteristics. There are many types of animals that you can keep as pets, but the legal options tend to be rather limited. Luckily, these are also rather common, so you do need to worry about encountering a species that you did not know before.

Why Dogs Are Popular

Dogs are the most common and popular around, and good reasons are surrounding them. For one, they are some of the most dependable animals around. You can easily have them as an assistant to simple activities since most of them have the intelligence of a child. There are many service dogs around, and they come from varying breeds as well. However, there are a few ones that are prized for their attitude towards other people, particularly to those who have to care for them.

For example, one of the most popular dog breeds in the US in the modern world is the boxer dog. It came from Germany when someone mixed Old English Bulldog and an extinct breed called Bullenbeisser. The result is the iconic look that most people sometimes confuse with the current bulldogs that we have in the modern world. They have an underbite that makes them adept at biting prey, but they are also known to be quite friendly with their owners.

If you want to be a boxer, there are some things that you need to know first. They are rather easy to deal with, but it is better if you are prepared for everything, as this dog page says. It is crucial to have an understanding of what it takes to be a pet owner. It is not the 1890s anymore where dogs are seen as a worker in the household, nor are they decorations for others to stare at when they are at home. Rather, these are sentient beings who also have needs to be fulfilled, and it’s a huge responsibility to take care of a dog.

Here Are Some Facts About Boxers

1. Boxer Dogs Are Gassy

For us humans, flatulence is usually due to our diets. We live in a modern world, and the things that we eat are not usually the best for our digestive system. For animals, though, there are times wherein it is based on genetics and a little bit of diet. One key example is the boxer dog, whose digestive system is not picky but would still release the dreaded gas. It is a common occurrence, and a change in diet can affect it a little but not permanently.

2. They Also Drool A Lot

Another boxer characteristic that you might not be familiar with is their drooling. It is due to the way their jaw works, and it is the same thing with bulldogs. As we have mentioned before, this special jaw structure lets them bite into their prey more effectively with the cost of excessive drippage. It becomes more of an issue when it is not wiped away soon, as it is going to build upon the fur underneath their chin. Always remember to keep some towels handy, especially if you are going to walk them around, as you can learn here: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-drooling-salivary-gland-problems.

3. Sometimes, They Do Things Their Way

Boxers are smart, but sometimes they can do dumb things to our perception. It is probably due to the nature of the breed, as they are often rather strong-minded. They are not in it for the drama like huskies, but they will voice out their problems effectively.

Whether it is with body or face language, you would know what a boxer dog feels at the moment. It becomes a challenge when they do not obey you, even if it is for their good. Working together towards this is essential, so make sure to train them properly while they are still young.

4. They Are Not Mindful Of Their Sizes

Boxers are not the biggest dogs on the planet, but you still would not want an adult one to barrel into you without hesitation. They are the very definition of a social animal, as long as they are used to you. There are times when people are caught off guard, and they land on the floor because their pet boxer just tackled them. Control takes time to learn, and you need enough patience to deal with a rowdy boxer dog.

5. They Are Gentle But Possessive

One trait, though, that most people do not realize about these dogs is they are quite territorial. If they were not taught while they were younger, it could lead to some behavioral problems during adulthood. Some of them might end up biting their owners, thinking that they are a threat. Train them to reign this behavior by letting them interact with other people and species. It helps them recognize the threats from the non-threats, and it also keeps them from biting others.

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