Many dog owners are giving their dogs CBD oil. The major motivation behind this is to keep their furry friends healthy. And it is no secret that CBD has lots of health benefits and can help in the treatment of health issues such asarthritis, nausea, epilepsy, vomiting, etc.

The fact that there are so many cannabidiol products in the market means a lot of them are not genuine and might not offer the benefits they lay claim to. Hence, a responsible dog owner will consider certain factors critically before buying just any “oil” for their beloved dogs. Hence, this article will discuss important factors to take note of when buying CBD oil for your pet.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Type of Cannabidiol Product

The use of cannabidiol for dogs is a reality in our time. However, careful selection of the said products is necessary because there are so many types. Hence, you need to ask yourself this question: “What type of Cannabidiol product does my dog need?”

Two major factors usually influence the choice of dog owners in this regard. The first is personal preference, while the second is what it will be used for.

To help make your decision easier, we will briefly discuss 4 types of CBD products for dogs below…

1. Tinctures

These are administered as drops directly into the mouth of your canine pal. It has the fastest effect because it is absorbed directly by the dog’s body. This type of cannabidiol product is more preferable for the treatment of health issues.

2. Capsules

This type of product will take about 20 to 30 minutes before the effect is felt by your dog. The delay is because of the time required for it to move through your dog’s digestive system. We recommend them for perfect for dogs that do not like taking medication because they can be hidden between or in the dog food.

3. Treats

Just as the name implies, these are tasty treats that every dog enjoys. You will also need to give them some time to digest and take effect.

4. Topicals

This type of CBD product is applied to the skin of your tyke. And they work very fast because the skin absorbs it quickly. These products are specially made for physical issues such as inflammation, or pains in the muscle, nerve, and joint.

2. The Plant’s Origin Country

It is a well-known fact that cannabidiol is gotten from the cannabis plant. And in case you didn’t, now you know. The quality of the plant used to make the product can be largely determined by its origin country.

We recommend you only buy products from countries where cannabis is legally grown and regulated like the United States of America. Countries that grow cannabis illegally will likely grow low-quality cannabis because of the lack of legal backing. Click here to find out the countries that legally grow cannabis.

3. Manufacturer

You must always buy CBD products from reliable manufacturers. To ensure their reliability, we recommend you visit their website and social media platforms. You need to also read customer reviews about their products.

4. Extraction Process

The extraction process is another factor you need to consider. CBD is extracted via 4 chief processes namely:

  • CO2
  • Dry ice
  • Olive oil
  • Solvent-based

The best process is the CO2 extraction, therefore, when choosing a product, look for one that was manufactured via this method.

In case you don’t find a product that was manufactured using the CO2 extraction technique, then choose one that uses either the dry ice or olive oil methods. Do not purchase a solvent-based extracted product. This is because this technique uses substances like propane and butane that are poisonous to your four-legged friend. Visit learn more about these extraction techniques.

5. Content and Third-Party Results

Not many folks indeed read product labels.If you’re guilty of this, we implore that you change for the sake of your dog. Therefore, confirm the contents of the CBD product carefully. Check for THC content and make sure it is THC-free. And if it contains any, it shouldn’t be more than 0.3.

Also, look for third-party resultsfrom an independent laboratory that verify the information of the product’s content. This result is located in the Certificate of Analysis (COA). Any product that doesn’t have this certificate should be avoided.

6. Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate

CBD oil can either be full spectrum or isolate. Full-spectrum means it contains different cannabinoids from the cannabis plant including terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. Hence, it has a much powerful effect (entourage effect) because of the different constituents.

Whereas, CBD isolate has only cannabidiol and no other cannabinoid. Hence, it is regarded as pure CBD. However, your furry pal will only get the effects of cannabidiol.

Therefore, we would always recommend full spectrum or broad-spectrum over the isolate because of its greater benefits. However, we also advise that you consult your veterinarian to confirm which one is best for your dog.


We believe if you put these factors into consideration, you will not purchase a cannabidiol product that will be harmful to your beloved friend.

Make sure that you always check with your veterinarian to confirm if the final product you choose is suitable and beneficial for your dog. They will also be in the right position to help you determine the right dosage you ought to administer to your dog.

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