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Top 5 PHP Frameworks : PHP is still the most popular web language all over the globe. As per a recent W3Techs report, as a web language, PHP is already used by 82% of web servers. PHP frameworks are popular among businesses for their excellent capabilities in delivering the most sophisticated web experience rich with features while maintaining the quintessential PHP performance.

What are the most popular mobile app development frameworks based on PHP? There are actually several ones to consider. Here we picked up the most powerful and well-equipped ones. 


Laravel, as a leading PHP framework, is used widely across businesses of all sizes and niches. It is an entirely free, open-source and flexible PHP framework that offers very robust plugin support. New and aspiring app developers in India prefer this framework because it does not have any significant learning curve. Laravel also provides multi-language support along with native cache support for fast-paced loading. 


Here are the key advantages of the Laravel framework. 

  • Laravel comes with very detailed documentation and offers easy-to-understand syntax to ensure faster learning. 
  • It is a highly secure framework as it simplifies Dependency Injection. 
  • Laravel provides a thoroughly practical information architecture. 
  • This framework allows easy testing of apps


This one is arguably the oldest PHP framework and is particularly ideal for large, performance-savvy, and complicated web projects. Symfony is a leading PHP framework that strictly adheres to all the major PHP development standards and protocols.  


Some of the key advantages of the Symfony PHP framework include the following. 

  • Unmatched documentation
  • Symfony is already known for most stable performance
  • It boasts of a really large community spread all over the globe. 
  • Symfony allows complete reusability of code, making things simpler for hybrid app projects. 


CodeIgnitor has been there for more than a decade as the leading PHP framework. The framework rose to popularity mainly because of the great reserve of rich functions. This framework is particularly prefer for easy documentation and super data classification abilities. The framework doesn’t need the help of third-party libraries in all cases. 


CodeIgniter also comes loaded with an array of in-built security tools creating better protection for the app. It is also a highly reliable and extremely lightweight framework that allows developers to change and modify the databases as per their needs.

Some of the key advantages of the Codeigniter framework include the following.  

  • For PHP developers, Codeigniter makes things easier for using different modular programs and uses a particular function as required by the developers. 
  • The framework comes loaded with robust inbuilt libraries and resources to allow PHP developers to build and creating web apps with advanced functions.  
  • Codeigniter can fit with all kinds of device platforms, web servers and other computing devices. 
  • This is extremely reliable and lightweight as a framework.
  • Codeigniter allows developers to create the app’s rear and front end easily. 
  • The framework offers robust security tools. 
  • Codeigniter framework also supports code compression that results in faster loading time. You reduce the quantity of code required to develop a PHP application and let you focus on the project.
  • The framework also facilitates easy and smooth server to server migration, easy file configuration and customization. 

Zend Framework

Zend is considered as the extremely lightweight and highly popular PHP framework offering a bounty of advance features. The framework has also evolved and come with improvements from time to time. The framework has been popularly used in numerous enterprise apps and e-commerce apps. 

 Zend is a very simple framework with no learning curve. On top of that, the framework offers several training courses to help developers learn to use it more professionally in projects. The principal value proposition of the framework is higher consistency in the UX design output and object-oriented programming

Zend Framework
Zend Framework

While using this framework, developers only need to focus on components and the features and functions, and all the other aspects are take care of. Zend can also allow code reusability across projects. In addition, the framework can be connected with a multitude of third-party libraries, ensuring modular development. 

Some of the key benefits of the Zend framework include the following.

 Zend is a completely free and open-source PHP framework.

  • Zend offers several out-of-the-box functions and third-party plugins to extend functionalities further. 
  • With established protocols, inbuilt support and code reusability ensures high-speed development. 
  • Zend offers a very flexible architecture. 
  • It ensures maintaining great productivity. 
  • Zend being an old PHP framework, has a big community in support and is support by hundreds of contributors. 


CakePHP is one of the simplest and powerful PHP frameworks that developers often learn first. Cake PHP follows the CRUD principle allowing creation, reading, updating and deletion in a streamlined manner.  

Some of the most popular features that made CakePHP so much loved in the development fraternity include validation, security, cookie, session, email, Request Handling, Email, Security, Validation, etc.

cake php top 5 php frameworks
Cake PHP

Another benefit of CakePHP is that it allows easy installation, and it only requires a web server to get things done. Another great thing about CakePHP is that it comes with a valid coding convention ensuring faster development and easy understandability.

Some of the key advantages of CakePHP include the following.  

  • Established coding protocols to ensure fast-paced coding.
  • Great compatibility across all device platforms. 
  • Smooth controls for databases. 
  • Inbuilt security features.
  • A very low learning curve, thanks to great documentation. 


Let’s end this discussion by asking which of these PHP Frameworks is ideal for any app project? This is a naive question since it is the app project based on which you need to decide about your choice of technologies and not the other way around. Superior user experience, security and learning curve are the three most important factors to help you make the right choice of PHP frameworks for your app project. 

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