Is React Native Worth It

Is React Native Worth It? : React Native gives you the possibility of both iOS and Android to develop cross-platform applications. Thus you may design an app that works on both platforms and reduce the development expenses and resources you would make twice. Before starting with the popular JS-based mobile application framework that will allow one to build natively-rendered mobile applications, you should know first that it isn’t an ideal solution for all kinds of applications. So let us immerse ourselves in the subject and learn what strong and weak sides are and is React Native worth it.

React Native is gaining popularity

Facebook created React Native in 2015, and interest in the technology has proliferated since then. It’s not surprising because when businesses consider developing an app, they instantly turn to React Native because of its appealing features. Keeping in mind that React Native has been actively gaining popularity among businesses in the last years so has the demand of React Native developers too.

Is React Native Worth It?

React Native was developed to allow businesses to build products faster, scale more easily, and decrease development costs. Because of the following features, this was possible for different sorts of apps and develop applications for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Android TV, tvOS, Web, and UWP. React Native is enabling the devs to use the framework alongside the native platform capabilities.

Reducing the time needed to develop

Next time you end up asking yourself if React Native is worth it, just remember that development time is reduced. This is a React Native superpower. The “hot reloading” functionality allows developers to view changes to code in seconds, rather than minutes, as with native technologies.

Code sharing between platforms

Of course, depending on the project’s complexity, up to 80% of the coding can be shared between platforms. However, keep in mind that React Native relies on platform-specific components, and the more of these components that are utilized. The less code that can be shared.

Using technologies like code push, which allows you to send updates straight to users’ interfaces, you can cut down on deployment time.

React Native is better than hybrid apps

hybrid apps
Hybrid Apps

This is probably the answer to our previously stated, is React Native worth it? Namely, there are hybrid technologies like Cordova, Ionic, and others, but React Native is not one. Instead, it works with WebView, which is a collection of web components embedded in mobile apps. This approach prevents the usage of native UI as well as some API-based mobile device functionality. Developers can instead make use of a variety of APIs and native interface components.

When should you utilize React Native?

React Native acquired popularity in a short period of time due to its speed of development and common code for both Android and iOS platforms. Many businesses have used it in tiny apps, such as those for advertising efforts. There is no sophisticated code or peculiarities, and the performance will not last long, so future support and growth are not a concern.

Convert a website into a mobile application

React Native is based on JavaScript, which is also use by websites. As a result, you can efficiently utilize React Native to develop a basic application that displays data from your website (such as a blog or statistics). In addition, hiring a React Native developer will cut your development expenses. And time you’ll spend in creating the app in half. Let’s not even mention that to finish such an application one’ll need to have some extraordinary expertise and knowledge.

React Native from a Business Perspective

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks such as Ionic, the Facebook team emphasizes that they understand the distinctions across platforms, and React Native reflects this. As a result, modules particular to iOS and Android. Such as status bars, navigation, and access to native features like the camera and contacts, may still be included.

Benefits of a React Native app for business
Benefits of a React Native app for business

Using frameworks like React Native for Web or ReactXP. A developer may create a cross-platform app that also runs on the web, eliminating the need for separate apps. In one of our projects, we utilize ReactXP, and it seem like we were receiving the Web version for free. With a business perspective like that, you should not even ask yourself if React Native worth it.

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