SAFe® Certification Cost

SAFe® Certification Cost : Project development approaches over time have evolved for the better. And technology has played a critical part in bringing rapid change to it to make things run more smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of the businesses. Traditional approaches, as we can see, have rapidly faded due to their outdated task performance patterns. The demand for Agile workers or SAFe® certified personnel is expanding in the IT industry and spreading to other areas of business, as firms increasingly rely on Agile frameworks. Professionals have been encouraged to obtain suitable certificates in their industries as a result of the rising demand.

So, to cope up with the present IT industry, it becomes crucial to adopt agile methodologies and frameworks. For that enrolling in the SAFe® Certification course has become quite popular. If you’re interested in taking this course but aren’t sure how much does Leading SAFe® Certification cost, then this post is for you. Let’s have a look at it.

About SAFe® Certification

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), is a collection of organizational and workflow mechanisms that help businesses scale lean and agile approaches.

Agile certifications are now widely available and range from beginner to advanced levels, but they have shown to be incredibly valuable to IT professionals in a variety of ways. It was recently discovered that there was a compelling need to increase Agile training in businesses, as demand for Agile frameworks grew. This rise demanded workers become SAFe® certified to advance their careers. While the cost of the SAFe® Certification is fairly accessible for candidates and candidates can afford it.

SAFe® Certification Cost

Are you interested in pursuing your career as a Leading SAFe® Agilist? But before you begin, you should understand the fees associated with it to assess your return on investment. This post will provide all pertinent information about the costs associated with obtaining the certification, including the examination fees.

As the SAFe® Agilist Certification is a higher-level certification, so the cost of it varies by country. Here’s a breakdown of the costs per country:


Currency Cost


USD 1000 – 1299



50,000 – 60,000

India CAD

1200 – 1345

Canada AUD

1445 – 1600

As the certification is valid for only one year so, it has got other additional costs that include:

Cost Segment


Exam Cost for Leading SAFe® Agilist

Examination costs are included in the Leading SAFe® Agilist Courses
Re-examination Cost for Leading SAFe® Agilist

Per attempt costs for $50

Cost of Certification Renewal

Per year costs for $100

Is it worth it to invest so much in the Leading SAFe® Certification course?

Leading SAFe® Certifications have now become valuable in every country as they provide a wide range of opportunities for SAFe® Professionals that are qualified. Certifications assist professionals in increasing their chances of growth and higher remuneration in the workplace.

How worthy is the Leading SAFe® Certification?

  • It is a lightweight framework that can be implemented easily in the organization.
  • SAFe® Certification aids in the development of stronger cross-team coordination techniques inside a business.
  • SAFe® process follows and allows multiple team coordination to work amicably.
  • Downgrading and upgrading situations enable SAFe® professionals to take quick decisions.


And now that you have gained a better understanding of what Leading SAFe® Certification cost may be, hurry up. Grab the chance and enroll yourself in the course to earn more opportunities in the future.

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