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The famous computer programming company Microsoft largely influences educationist systems to aid students in learning effectively and efficiently. Microsoft is among the leading business entrepreneurs that updated teaching methods that will support virtual education. Virtual learning became a priority due to the COVID-19 saga that halted physical movements all over the globe as a precautionary measure. Microsoft used this opportunity to leverage educational improvements such as LMS, learning management systems to improve learning and enable its adaptation into the new virtual world.

On May 5th, 2021, in Singapore, Microsoft established several technological tools designed to aid the learning process in different areas. The five key areas educators require for a seamless learning process that Microsoft provides revolves mainly around social learning, student centricity, security, skills enhancement, and even scalability.

Educators at best dissertation writing service noted that Microsoft partnered with YouGov, a British data analytics firm, to discover the primary needs of educators and what can be done to improve the existing educational processes. Through Microsoft’s partnership with YouGov, they discovered that a significant percentage of K-12 educators claimed that through active use of technology for teaching, they were able to improve the standard of information communication and the learning capacity of their students. The increase in the digital learning environment spurs Microsoft into creating viable learning means that will assist teachers in engaging their students remotely.

According to education experts at dissertation writing service, an essential learning tool recently launched by Microsoft to help educators teach remotely is Reading Progress. This digital tool aids in developing and significantly improving students reading skills. Apart from the reading feature, Reading Progress also hosts features that support group assignments and even 3rd party inclusions like Microsoft Teams to support educators and boost student learning abilities that subscribe to the platform. Other tools run by Microsoft, such as Reflect Aid, helps teachers support students in different academic areas.

Reviving reading skills of students through Reading Progress

The reading skills of students, in general, declined as a result of the staying-home agenda caused by the pandemic. To revive student reading skills, educators will have to adopt unique methods that will assist in evaluating student growth in skills while improving at their own pace. To counter this problem, Microsoft recently launched a tool, Reading Progress, to help readers in the process of learning a language.

Reading Progress equips educators to:

  • Save time: After assigning assignments and projects to students to complete on their own, educators can thoroughly review student solutions to tasks and projects, especially in the English language, with the in-built features of Reading Progress.
  • Engage students to study independently: with Reading Progress, students can learn and practice at their own pace and measure their progress.
  • Identify reading progress: Reading Progress helps you visualize your improvement rate by showing comprehensive data and insights into your skills development rate.

Learning Progress is free and accessible by all educational environments that use Microsoft Teams and adheres to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

New Microsoft tools that will enhance student participation in virtual classrooms

Technology enthusiasts at Essay on Time discovered that Microsoft is currently adding visible improvements to Teams and specific learning tools to enrich virtual learning. These new developments are inspired by academic experts, educators, students, among others. Some of these improvements are:

  • Calendar Incorporations: New calendar additions helps students to know the time of their classes on Outlook and Teams calendars in just one place.
  • Group projects: Teachers can now structure students into assignment groups for collaborative learning.
  • Use your favorite apps: You can now choose the apps you want to use for your assignments, enhancing student creativity.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) updates: Microsoft is partnering with key LMS providers such as Blackboard for teachers and educators to enjoy a seamless connection between teams and these LMS platforms.

Enabling well-secure classrooms

The increase in virtual learning spurs a subsequent increase in digital traffic and the number of devices that are connected to the web. Microsoft has enabled well-secured classrooms to prevent malicious attacks and unknown guests on digital learning platforms. Microsoft is launching supervised chats in Teams. This feature allows assigned educators to chat with students and disallow students from starting new chats without the presence of a designated educator.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft is aiding students and educators with digital tools that support virtual learning, Read this write-up to discover solutions to virtual management systems.

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