Why is it must for kids to have a good vocabulary bank

Why is it must for kids to have a good vocabulary bank? Childhood is the right time to train your children with the correct vocabulary. They are at the prime of their development, and their mind can grasp things very quickly. Most importantly, it is time they start to understand things and try to explain them to you. Training them with the proper word usage at this age will help them improve above and beyond what they learn in school. Communication will always help you no matter what field you choose. 

We all would have heard about sight words? So what are they?

Sight words

As the name suggests, Sight words are the words that kids tend to recognize as soon as they see them on paper without actually having to spell them out. It is the way that helps students in getting more fluency in the way they speak. But at times, sight words can be tricky to spell when two words have the exact spelling.

For example, we talk about words like ‘the’, ‘like’, ‘such’, ‘with’ etc. They are called sight words. They are simple to both spell and write. They make up most of the conversations that we have.

Once children get fluent with the sight words, their reading speed increases, thus making them good conversationalists. 

Not sight words are not the only words that are present. There are other sets of words and phrases that the students should know. Conducting dictations will make the process much easier for both the teacher and the student. Making them dictate or speak out the exact words repeatedly ensures that the child has the word imprinted in his mind. Making them write the exact words will improve their spelling. Most of the kids need spelling help when they are in their learning stage. 

You can find quizzes online like dictation for class 8 that help them learn the words in a fun way. Good communication will set you apart from the crowd, and having a good written and oral vocabulary will help the students with it. The way they speak, the way they respond is what puts them in the cream layer. 

Here are a few ways that vocabulary can help children.

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  • Computers are not always suitable.

You may think that you can always spell check by using computers. But that doesn’t always work. Because the program may not be familiar with the context in which you are using the word. Therefore, you must understand and learn the spelling by heart.

  • Employment opportunities

Not all opportunities come with having the best technical skills. Communication is what judges you and puts you at the top or the bottom. The way you answer, the way you respond tells a lot about your character.

  • Vocabulary and spelling competitions like Spell B

It is the most challenging, prestigious and respectable competition in the world. Winning one will help you grab a good college seat because it will set you apart from the crowd. So, to be a spell-B champ, you should know different words and spell them. Learning what words you use in a conversation and how you use them is an added advantage. Or else it is tough to win the competition.

  • Comprehension and communication

The way you understand a particular sentence decides the way you respond to it. Therefore, if you don’t have good knowledge of the spelling and words, then your response may be entirely out of context. So you must know what exactly the word means.

The below are a few ways to make sure that the kids learn faster and in a fun way.

  • Conducting various Games

Conducting fun memory games can help students retain the words they learn for a longer time. They won’t just know but will have fun and, in the end, crave more games.

  • Dramas or plays

Making sure that the child participates in drama competitions will help them use the words they learnt in sentences. The dialogues will help them recognize the right words and how to use them at the right time. The actions will help them connect the terms, and therefore, they won’t forget it that easily.

Conclusion: You, as a teacher, can give your students fun projects that will help them self-learn words and pronunciations. Sometimes having competitions can help when the student has the healthy spirit to win.

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