Multiplication Tables

We called the multiplication tables the times’ tables in the multiplication operation of algebra. However, some students find it difficult to learn these tables from 1 to 20. Now, we will share some easy things about these fundamental mathematics concepts in a better way. 

It will become easy for them to know all the tables by heart. Then, the students will be unable to forget them. On the other hand, it will help them to boost and strengthen their confidence. 

It can happen only when they have cleared the doubts regarding the multiplication table. Therefore, it becomes easy for them to solve complex math’s problems in the future. They will not be stuck in it and solve the tough issues in a better way. 

Avoid Calculators Use for doing the Basic Multiplications 

Still, the students should avoid the use of calculators to do the basic multiplications. However, it has been discouraged due to two reasons. The school authorities do not allow them to bring the calculators to school and then use them.

avoid calculator
Avoid Calculator


Therefore, they should focus on strengthening their concepts by constantly practicing them. They need to learn the tables. Then, things will become easier to deal with the tough math’s concepts in the future. Secondly, they should make a habit of solving small math’s problems using calculators. 

The simple ways to memorize the tables include reciting them daily and practicing them by writing. Repeatedly doing these two things can make the students proficient in tables. Moreover, visualizing, repeating, and writing are the three most important ways to understand the importance of tables. 

Still, the students used to follow that traditional rotting method in the past. They prepared columns and wrote the tables on them. After that, they began to learn it. These kinds of procedures are popular now in school too. 

Additionally, these things are useful at a point. The child wants to understand the math’s concepts better than they should understand the root cause of it. Join the Cuemath classes to sharpen your mathematics skills. 

Follow the simple tips to learn the Multiplication tables in the best possible way

Always remember a simple thing when you multiply the two numbers. Then, it is not important which number comes first and the second. For Example, 2X3 or 3X2 are 6. 

In certain situations, it becomes difficult for the students to memorize the tables all at once. Therefore, they can adopt a simple and effective strategy to learn the times’ table in chunks. 

simple tips to learn the multiplication tables
Simple Tips to Learn the Tables

Soon, they will find that things are becoming easy for them. We hope that these tips will help the school-going children to learn the deep concepts connected with tables properly. 

Now, their parents and teachers don’t have to worry about it. The students who are doing the regular practice of math’s concepts can understand them and apply them to the required situations. 

History related to tables

The use of the multiplication tables started 4000 years ago by Babylonians. They had used the base as 60 during that time. Then, the base 10 decimal multiplication started in China in 305 BC. During that time, the people did the multiplications on the bamboo strips. 

History related to tables
History related to tables

Then, there was the entry of the great mathematician Pythagoras (570 BC-495 BC). He discovered some other facts connected with tables and then used them in different languages like English, French, Italian and Russian.

John Leslie was a mathematician who published a book titled “The Philosophy of Arithmetic” in 1820. Through the book, he published the times’ table up to 99. Furthermore, he recommended the young students memorize the tables 50X50. 

Summing Up

Memorizing tables and math puzzles are troubling things for school-going children. They do not want to understand the basic concept applied to them. On the other hand, the list of tips related to learning tables discussed in the article will help them go through the ideas. 

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