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Relying too heavily on outdated methods to interact with their customers and clientele could be costing restaurants more than they might realize.

When it comes to updating the menu, listing specials, or adjusting prices, the greater flexibility and superior impact that a digital menu board is able to provide can be a real asset.

Flexibility of Digital Menu Boards

Tasking an employee to update a hand-drawn menu board or even being forced to contract within a printing service in order to replace menus and signage once they are out of date often entails time and money that may be in short supply. Digital boards can allow establishments to refresh their pricing and menu information with the simple push of a button.

Greater flexibility can allow businesses to more easily adapt to changing circumstances or to better meet the changing needs, habits, and preferences of their customers. Having to update or replace their existing menu board too often can be a costly aggravation that restaurants would do well to avoid.


While an easy-to-notice menu board can help to inform customers and to ensure more successful and efficient interactions with wait staff and employees, there is a little practical benefit to maintaining a board that is frequently ignored or often overlooked.

With digital menu boards for restaurants from reputable places like GRUBBRR, restaurants can more easily experiment in order to find a layout or design that is more likely to make a lasting impact. Restaurants that have to constantly point out the menu board for their customers would do well to make the switch.

Efficiency of Digital Menu Boards

The ability to passively broadcast information regarding the daily specials, descriptions of popular dishes or when certain items may be unavailable or out of stock can go a long way towards speeding customer interactions.


A detailed and up-to-date menu board can help to educate customers, ensuring that they are able to make their selection and place their order without having to ask for assistance from wait staff and other employees. Easier ways to meet the needs of the customer can ensure that restaurants are better able to utilize their existing staff.


Digital menus can also be use to dial in on specific customer demographics. Updating the menu to showcase drink specials during a game night, happy hour, or another event is a quick and easy way to boost drink sales while focusing on meal-specific menu items during the lunch rush or dinner hours can alleviate the need to print additional paper menus.

The ability to quickly and easily shift focus depending on factors like meal times or the current customer demographic that may be visiting the restaurant can make promoting a special or up-selling an order a much easier undertaking.

A poorly designed menu or a board that fails to get notice can prove to be a more costly liability than many businesses might imagine. Going digital can help to improve the customer experience while also ensuring that wait staff and employees are able to function as effectively and efficiently as possible. A digital menu board also allows for greater flexibility and the means to fine-tune promotional efforts in order to optimize results.

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