7 Ways to Detoxify Lungs after Smoking

7 Ways to Detoxify Lungs after Smoking, Do you also want to know about it. So you are at the right place for it.

Health is the ultimate blessing and this is not an overstatement for sure. Many factors can affect our health including both preventable and non-preventable ones. Although you can’t prevent the diseases that are encoded in your genes, there is still a lot that can be done to improve one’s health.

Giving up on toxic lifestyle habits is the one thing that can be done to minimize your risk of many diseases. From your sedentary lifestyle to poor eating habits, all these practices can take a toll on your overall health. Smoking is also an important one among them!

Why is it important to quit smoking?

Smoking is bad for your lungs, and is one of the most talked-about side effects of smoking. Unlike our expectation, smoking tobacco can affect our health in more than expected ways. Tobacco consumption increases your risk of many diseases including organ cancer, not only this, sexologists say that smoking is an important risk factor for many men’s sexual health problems.

7 Ways to Detoxify Lungs after Smoking

Surprisingly, even after you quit smoking can still affect your health in many ways and there are many things that you can do to clean your lungs. These include;

1- Physical activity

The importance of physical activity can’t be denied when it comes to our physical health. Physical health can significantly help to improve your lungs function, improving their longevity. You can make sure that you stay active even if you begin with simple walking, it can still help your lungs and air sacs and play a role in their efficient working.

2- Taking steam

Steam therapy is an effective way to improve lung health functioning. Steam can reduce lung inflammation as well as it can also help to lose the mucus that is present in the lungs. After quitting smoking, you can go for steam therapy from time to time to help your lungs perform better.

3- Avoiding pollutants

Pollutants, including chemicals, molds and dust particles can also negatively affect your lung health especially if you have been exposed to cigarette smoke for a longer time. Thus, another way to improve your lung function is by avoiding exposure to these pollutants that could irritate your lungs. The limited exposure to these allergens can reduce the production of mucous in the lungs. The absence of mucus in the lungs keeps the airways open and ensures an uninterrupted oxygen supply.

4- Consider what you eat

Our bodies become what we eat and the lungs’ health is no exception to this. Certain food ingredients work to worsen lung functioning due to their ability to contribute to mucus production. In contrast, certain other foods can help your lungs perform better. Warm foods, in particular, can aid your lungs. Other than eating, inclusion of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet is another effective way to prevent lung inflammation. Some good anti-inflammatory foods include berries, kale, olives etc.

5- Have some green tea

You might have many benefits of green tea before and drinking green tea offers several health benefits. Talking about these, drinking a cup of green tea daily can significantly help to improve your lung function. Herbal green teas can act as a natural detox for your lungs and aid to get rid of the excess toxins from the body.

6- Juices might help you

Natural juices also act as a cleaner for your lungs and also tend to improve your overall health. You can drink carrot juice that can make your body alkalinize for the detox you are heading towards. Moreover, drinking lemon juice in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is another effective way to boost your lung health after you quit smoking.

7- Add potassium to your diet

While to improve your lungs health after quitting smoking, it is advisable to avoid the intake of dairy. Similarly, it is also said to add certain important minerals to your diet including potassium. Add potassium-rich drinks to your diet to help your lung’s function.

Bottom Line!

Here we see 7 Ways to Detoxify Lungs after Smoking. Your lungs are probably the most important organs of your body that are responsible for the uninterrupted supply of oxygen to every single cell of your body. Habits like smoking can take a toll on your health. Thus, to protect your lungs, it is recommended to quit these habits and add more lung healthy foods to your diet.

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