What Are SEO Services and Why Do I Need Them for My Website

Many people believe that Google completely determines the search results that they get. While this is technically true, it’s possible to manipulate Google into favoring your content. How? Through SEO.

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. The concept implies that you’re making your content search-engine-friendly, which means that, upon closer inspection, the algorithm behind the engine will deem it as more quality and more relevant.

By hiring professional SEO services, you’ll get amazing results and always rank well (be one of the first few pages that your audience gets offered). If you’re still not convinced, here are several additional reasons.

Better Visibility

The very point of SEO is that it provides you with better visibility. What does that mean?

Imagine a scenario where someone needs your services. They take their device, click on their browser and start typing the first keyword to cross their mind. What are the odds they’ll encounter your WP site in one of the first several results?

What if they know your business’s approximate name and are trying to find you? How easy is it going to be?

In other words, your online visibility determines people’s chance of finding you (intentionally or accidentally).

Organic traffic

Many people compare PPC to SEO, and while PPC delivers more immediate traffic, what do you think happens to the traffic? How long do you think it will last? With SEO, even if you reduce your marketing spending after performing complete SEO services, the traffic will take a while to drop off.

The thing is, you won’t want to reduce your spending. Once you see the amazing results, you’ll see its worth. More importantly, the growth is exponential. This means that once the ball gets rolling, the increase in traffic and revenue every month will get wilder and wilder. The key thing is to power through the initial slow period.

Higher ranking means more authority

People are naturally inclined to put more trust in those pages that rank better. Most people are too lazy to do their research, so they take the easy way out and assume that Google did their homework and organized these pages according to their quality. After all, this is probably the original intention behind the algorithm.

You see, it’s not just that people are lazy to scroll or go to SERPs’ second and third pages. They just believe that the quality of results drops off and that if they can’t find what they’re looking for on the first page, they won’t find it on subsequent pages either.

Targeted audience

Since SEO revolves around targeted searches and keywords, one could argue that you’re focusing on qualified leads. How is this possible? Well, some people will never become your customers.

For instance, you can’t sell a hair care product to someone without hair. However, someone who’s already googling hair care products is a potential customer. They’re looking for a specific product to buy that you are probably already selling. Your SEO campaign may determine whether they buy it from you or look elsewhere.

Great cost-effectiveness

According to some estimates, the ROI of SEO ranges from 550% to 1,220%. This means that you get anywhere from $6 to $12 back for every dollar you invest. Even low estimates guess that the ROI of SEO is somewhere in the ballpark of 250% to 300%.

Overall, the growth of your SEO ROI is exponential, which means that the more you invest, the bigger the reach and the greater the traffic. SEO doesn’t just increase traffic but also affects your revenue in more ways than one. This means that you stand to increase your ROI further. Due to the scalable nature of SEO, the sooner you start and maintain an active campaign, the better these numbers look.

Local search optimization

According to some estimates, about 80% of people who buy something in your store have looked it up online first. This is why local mobile optimization is so important.

Sometimes, people just need a service, and they want to know if there’s a business nearby that can provide it. Others want to look up different offers online to see who has a better price, products, or offers superior terms.

Generally speaking, when done right, the local SEO will consider the user’s current location when presenting them with results. This is why ranking in registries like GMB is so important for your business.

Better user experience

While working on your technical SEO, you’re also improving the site for your audience. Responsiveness, site architecture, and ease of navigation are ranking metrics. An improvement in this field suits both Google bots and human audiences on your site.

With better UX, you can count on more return visitors, longer-duration visits, and higher conversion rates. While these factors suit your brand, they also feed back into your SEO efforts, creating a positive, self-sustaining loop for your business.

Competitive advantage

Then, there’s the issue of competitive advantage. Just think about it, if you’re not concerned about taking the No.1 spot in the SERPs, someone else won’t mind taking your place. Are you OK with giving your direct competitors a go at the top in the results?

This means they’ll siphon most of the traffic since 33% of the audience just click on the first result and don’t look any further. This means that even if you have a superior offer, your audience will never hear of it.

Wrap up

The best part of SEO is that it’ll feel like it was their idea all along. After all, they devised the KW independently and picked one of the offered results. Your audience is completely unaware of the psychology that happens behind the curtains.

This is great for you as a business since they don’t suspect they’re served these results on the platter; they have no reason to engage their defense mechanisms. As one famous online quote goes, SEO is closer to what you’ve seen in the movie Inception than it is to advertising. After all, we’re trying to convince your audience that reaching out to you was their idea.

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