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The Google Keyword Planner is designed to assist marketers find data on certain keywords in order to discover key terms that have high search volume and to determine key competitive keywords. If you’re just starting out your internet marketing journey, an excellent place to begin is with proper keyword exploration. Properly identifying and researching keywords will allow you to easily identify profitable markets and campaigns. There are many free tools and applications out there to assist you with this process.

I’ll be honest and straight with you: if you’re not using the Google Keyword Tool, you’re behind the times. The Tool is fantastic, but it’s not the be all and end all of doing keyword research. If you’re a beginning marketer or an experienced internet marketer, you need to know how to determine profitable keywords.

When selecting keywords, you must use a program such as “Google Suggest” (affiliate link) to help you determine which terms have enough search volume to warrant a high traffic website. This tool not only provides you with the keyword searches that receive the most traffic, but also the amount per month for that particular term. This is crucial to setting up a website and/or blog in a market segment you can dominate.

For example, let’s assume you’re building a website and you’re going to target two specific key phrases: pet care and dog grooming. We’ll use the Google Suggest tool to find keywords that are searched for the most in pet care while we’ll use dog grooming as our keyword for dog grooming. Your goal is to locate keywords that have a low competition rate, high search volume, and a low cost per day for your SEO campaigns. These are going to be your target keywords for your website, blog, and ads. In order to make money with your PPC campaigns, you must establish a profitable niche or sub-niche.


To determine which keywords will be profitable for your PPC campaign, you must use the Google Keyword Planner. The program will list your keywords for you as well as provide data on how many searches each of those keywords receives per month. This allows you to create ads based on the keywords that receive the highest search volume. You can then target specific geographic areas or specific demographic groups to reach your audience.

You can utilize the Google Keyword Planner for more than just finding keywords with high search volume, though. Once you select keywords for your PPC campaign, you can also select the type of ad you would like to run based on your research. There are two options available in the tool. You can get started with one ad, split test it to determine if it converts better. Or use both together to get a better result. I recommend using both because you can always change your ad if it doesn’t convert as well as you would like. However, the one option that is more popular tends to give better results.

One other feature of the Google Keyword Planner that you should take advantage of is the ability to split test your ads. You can select different campaigns to compare conversion rates, search console results, and organic impressions share. This allows you to make an educated decision about which ad to run based on which factors have the greatest effect on the results you’re looking for. The tool makes using keyword research and optimizing your PPC an easy process.

Why You Should Use A Google Keyword Planner To Create Your New Campaigns

The Google Keyword Planner Tool is designed in such a way that it will help marketers to discover key terms and to locate data for particular keywords such as ad pricing, competition, and search volumes. If you are just starting out your keyword research journey, an excellent place to begin is with competitor analysis. When conducting competitor analysis, always use the Google AdWords Keyword Search tool because this provides more detailed information. The information you gather from this tool includes specific keywords. That have performed well versus other search terms in a particular month or year.

Google Keyword Planner To Create Your New Campaigns

Google offers several tools for keyword research which include the Ad Words Keyword Searches, Ad Words Position Research, and the Ad Words Insights. All these tools will help you discover high commercial intent keywords. High commercial intent keywords are those that have a solid demand but are not getting much attention from competitors. If there are only a small number of websites with a word for this term, it could be a decent opportunity to launch a high volume campaign. These high commercial intent keywords are great for launching high volume campaigns.

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The Google keyword planner also offers historical data feed that you can use to monitor your campaigns over time. The historical data feed will give you a bird’s eye view of how many times your ad has been displayed. You can monitor how many people click on your ad. When it appears on the search engine pages as well as the total amount of time that your ad displays. This historical data feed will help you identify trends. The trend may be that your current ads aren’t making much money. By tracking your past campaigns, you can see where you may have made mistakes.

Another feature that the Google keyword planner provides is the ability to create and store many different ad groups. A group is a virtual advertisement that you can create based on a wide variety of criteria. By creating a group you can target all of the potential keywords based on what your business sells or specializes in. When you create a group you can specify relevant keywords, bid amounts, cost per click and much more. This powerful tool will save you time and make you money.

Google keyword research is essential to launching successful new campaigns. Keyword research is very time consuming and often overlooked. If you want to launch a new campaign quickly. Consider investing in a keyword planner to create keywords that you won’t waste your time researching. Spend some time planning your keywords and doing your keyword research. This will free up a lot of your time for new campaigns. And of course, it will help your new campaigns become much more effective.

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