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The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained considerable traction over the past decade. This is because it has almost limitless applications, and has made our world even more connected than ever before. This connectivity is taking place at every level, from communication with companies, to even communication between your home appliances. Therefore, 2021 is ripe for connected platforms to really show their potential.

Some of these platforms are quite complex, and operate on the industry level, while others are more widely available. Usually, all you need to operate them at home is a stable internet connection. You can find such connections by looking up Spectrum deals and choosing the right one for you. Many IoT platforms are open-source, allowing you to explore connectivity to its maximum potential. Here are some of the top ones you should watch this year.  

Google Cloud

This platform offers insights and solutions for every scale. Its operational efficiency and predictive repair mechanisms are excellent for smart cities and buildings, alerting the relevant authorities whenever a problem seems possible.

Its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities mean that it can gather data from a wide range of devices, make sense of the data, and create real-time business insights for individual components as well as complete systems. It is also quite useful for ticketing, equipment maintenance, and other types of scheduling, as it has a multi-layer infrastructure operating on every level.

Signify, the manufacturers of Philips Hue line, use Google Cloud IoT for their smart lighting connectivity solutions, with much success. This shows that its real-life applications are quite diverse and useful for a wide range of organizations. This Machine Learning Online Training will help you become a highly skilled professional.


Particle offers connectivity using mesh, cellular, and Wi-Fi data. This means that it can be used to provide IoT services for hardware, device cloud, and application. It makes things easier for developers by offering tools like Device OS, IoT Rules Engine, and Device Cloud. It can even work with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, making it quite a diverse platform.

Additionally, it offers security features such as firewall-protected cloud to ensure a reliable and strong infrastructure. Opti uses this platform to train its weather casting item, meaning that this is quite a handy tool for a wide variety of uses.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

This platform takes all the data collected from customers, sensors, partners, and devices, and puts it together. Then, it translates it into viable actions, allowing you to test out business solutions without needing to have programming experience.

In addition, it will give the actual data on product performance and usage so that companies can tweak their products accordingly. The Salesforce IoT Cloud platform also gives real-time traffic view, with data from all devices imported using the RESTFUL API. It automatically sends data to company CRMs, cutting out the potential for human error in between.                                                                                                                                        


This startup tackles the inefficiencies of legacy systems using emerging technologies. It specializes in mobility solutions, using a combination of IoT hardware and computer vision technologies. Its even gives real-time solutions for curb space availability. This also helps planners understand what the pain points are in certain areas, so that solutions can be discovered.

Furthermore, it reduces traffic congestion issues by guiding drivers to open parking spaces, making urban living easier. Vade uses its own solar-powered cameras for these projects, so it consumes very little power for such an excellent purpose. It is a great solution for big cities, where traffic and parking issues are major problems. Walker Consultants is using Vade for its commercial loading and unloading activities, so that it does not cause traffic issues.

GE Digital

A company with its roots going back to Thomas Edison, General Electric has worked to keep itself relevant for over a century. Its GE Digital subsidiary was created to embrace the era of IoT, and focuses on Industrial IoT (IIoT). It was founded in 2015, and offers solutions for manufacturing, telecommunications, power generation, and energy.

It uses analytics and digital twin abilities to gather deep business insights, with real-life implementation. This automates workflows, provides customers with convenient interfaces, and is an excellent industry disruptor.

In conclusion, connected platforms are using IoT to revolutionize how things work. This makes life easier for businesses and individuals, encouraging more innovation and technology.

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