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Businesses need an exceptional presence online so that they can compete with their rival companies. It is tough competition anywhere, and the marketplace in the entire UAE is not different. There are several factors why design is the key to attracting new visitors to your website. The regular customers will visit and browse through the website because they are either registered on your website or don’t have much to do with the design. But gaining new customers, it’s not easy, and quality web design can do the trick for most businesses.

Web designers need to visualize the requirements of their target audience and how they can effectively communicate through it. This can be an arduous activity for most designers as the visitors’ perception can make a huge difference. There are certain psychological concepts and variations according to how different people perceive one thing. It can be the angle on how we look at things, just like a glass half-filled with water can be interpreted in many different ways.

There are certain principles of design that can make a website work wonders for any business. The following are the four such factors that designers need to excel for making their work stand out.

1. Simplicity 

Some of my readers may be surprised to read this because this is a common perception that simplicity is not going to make heads turn. Especially when it comes to web design, simplicity is the least thought- about factor, obviously by the website owners and businesses. But designers know that simplicity in design is not related to making a simple website; it is something else that I would like to discuss here.

The design complexity is not something that you should go for because the human eye interprets the simplest form of design at first glance. It is a common experience that when we look at a picture, we see the simplest design or anything that we can relate to easily. Any complex design or pattern that the designer has chosen to display is usually not easily interpreted by most people. 

Designers often use geometrical shapes because they are interpreted correctly and easily by the overwhelming majority. On the other hand, any design which is out of the ordinary will be seen curiously by everyone, but not all of them will interpret it easily. Ecommecre Web design for businesses must be easy to comprehend so that it complements the product or business well. 

2. Similarity 

The similarity in design can be for various reasons, but it is the designer’s job to be as much unique as possible. Any similarity after that will be taken as a coincidence, and the percentage of resemblance will be negligible. The physical and visual attributes of a picture or web design cannot be cent percent similar. This can only happen when someone will try to cheat and copy-paste the design, but even in those cases, virtually all the designers tweak the design a bit. 

Imagine the design of apparel by different textile firms or even by famous designers. They are copied around the world, and most of the time, the design is a replica. That is why copyright infringement is such a big issue as the hard work and creativity of a person get stolen, and the designers don’t get a penny as royalty or anything. While the scenario is not identical in the case of a web design, there are reasons to worry for the original designer.

Changing the arrangement of a design or colors doesn’t matter if you have copied the core design element and are just tweaking it to make it look a bit different. This can be referred to as cheating in simple terms, and designers need to stay away from this practice. 

3. Continuity 

Continuity in terms of design is all about how the complete website looks in a flow rather than consisting of different design elements. What is the reason why you need an exceptional web design company UAE that has the expertise to offer you the best support in this concern? Amateur designers for design agencies not having good exposure to graphics and web design may offer you great designs. But when seen in its entirety, most of the site’s design elements will be standalone and don’t match with the overall theme and layout of the website.

In the same manner, the featured product or service must be highlighted prominently. The continuity of designs makes a website look the part as throughout the website, every design element, be it a picture or graphic, must be in sync. The use of drawing and illustration can also look at the part when continuity in the design is followed. This can make a website look professional. Every visitor will be able to browse through it in a flow rather than have to go through individual pictures that have no resemblance whatsoever with each other. 

4. Proximity

This last part can also be termed as the logical extension of the previous one. Just like the continuity of the graphics and design is required, there must be proper space between the design elements to look the part. This is not something that you can causally or not consider on a rando page you think just feature text. Proximity in design can be termed as critical while dealing with any of the web pages. 

The design elements or objects must be positioned in the right proximity, regardless of their size, color, and shape. This is something tricky that you need to understand because some designers may not be experienced enough to deal with this deftly. The apt use of proximity in design should be considered an art as you won’t find many designers who excel in this. This proximity can be just a few millimeters or several inches, based on the website’s layout or the number of design elements. 

Over to you

I am sure that some of my readers would want some clarification or further information about some aspects or topic. Or if you think that you can add your bit here, based on your experience, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 

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