Top 10 Tips for Computer Science Students : Computer science students are truly robots who can cope with lots of pressure, tons of assignments, and dozens of theories and practices implemented on a regular basis. Yet, they are like other students who sometimes may struggle with procrastination or just tiredness which prevents them from good studying progress. They also come across poor grades or dissatisfaction with their productivity. If you found the description of yourself in the above-mentioned words, do read this brief guide which covers the top 10 tips for your positive studying.

#1 Don’t Postpone for Later What Can Be Done Today

Yes, you can always organize some days off or pauses from your studying, but be always realistic. You should not postpone the tasks which really predetermines 1-hour of your time to complete it all. It especially concerns the events when you have to manage your homework on the last night before the deadline. Believe us, and experts, such intentions then reflect on your rest activities, and you will acquire a habit of postponing everything. After that, you will resemble a headless chicken that runs across the whole room in pursuit of recruiting your willpower. 

#2 Boost Your Typing Speed

Since computer science, students are literally tied to their computers, and they are most likely to be so for the next few years, you guys should really work on your typing speed. Learn about 10 fast-fingers, or find typing tests that can hint you at your current levels. Beyond that, you should definitely possess knowledge of all keyboard shortcuts instead of manually doing it all via programs.

Boost Your Typing Speed
Boost Your Typing Speed

For instance, instead of copy-pasting everything with the help of a computer mouth, you can use ctrl+A, and ctrl+V. The ideal measure of typing speed at the beginning is 35-40 wpm.

#3 Your Soft Skills Matter

Computer science is something very technical which predetermines your knowledge of computers’ functionality and running. But, when the time comes for your interviews or internships, you will be overlooked for your soft skills as well. In particular, it concerns stress resistance, communication skills, time management, and organizational skills. If you are poor at them, it is a great con. So, think about your strengths and weaknesses which do not cater to your good studying progress.

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#4 Rely on College Curriculum and Your Own 

College Curriculum

You have to always have a clear-cut scheme on what should be done first, and what can be turned to the next week. Take your college curriculum of disciplines and classes, and then make your own schedule. If on Monday you have a class of one or another programming language, ensure to find one extra hour in the evening for recapping all that information for a better understanding of the subject. Then, if on Friday, you have a Cybersecurity class, think of dedicating an hour for C language on the same day.

#5 Start Landing Your First Projects

Even when you are a freshman, do not think it is too early to start landing your first projects. First off, you can organize a group with your fellow students, and think of doing something together which can bring value or even contribute to your studying progress with some grades. If you want to do something on a paid basis, find such vacancies which accept beginners in the field. 

#6 Sign Up for Internships

Another option for computer science students is to get the most out of internships. You can find local companies or parties residing fully online which accept students. There, you will boost your knowledge as well as implement your skills into practice. On some occasions, such internships are available with some payment, so you may get a salary as well.

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#7 Don’t Learn All Programming Languages in the World

Don’t Learn All Programming Languages
Don’t Learn All Programming Languages

Many students think it is super smart to know lots of programming languages. But, it is a no-no approach. Define the top 1-2 languages like Python or JavaScript, and start working with them only. When you run to learn all of them, you can have your head puzzled so bad, that you won’t even manage to code something properly.

#8 Join Networks

Nowadays, you can find lots of chats and groups for computer science specialists. Do remember that the IT sphere is something that binds lots of people together, rather than alone coding. So, join one network, and start communicating there. Share your opinions, offer some projects to work on together, or just derive inspiration for your field. It will be fun, and favorable for you because who knows – maybe you will find your first employer there.

#9 Speak to Your Professor

It might sound strange, however, do not neglect the opportunity of discussing computer science matters with your professor apart from classes. On most occasions, colleges make professors follow certain curriculums, while they may share with you tips on other field matters or their own experience in landing first projects. Otherwise, you can ask them about the possibility of opening a club where other students will brainstorm ideas on the latest computer science trends.

#10 Don’t Forget to Live

Last but not least, your degree really matters, but what’s the point if you do not live at all. You can be focused on studying in pursuit of receiving positive grades, or references from your professors. But, do find some hours or even days during the week when you can focus on your mental health, your beauty, or just communication with your friends or family members. Such activities help to refresh your brain and recruit new willpower to study and learn something new. Otherwise, just reward yourself with some helpers or better to be called guilty pleasures when you really have a stressful week of exams or assignments. It may be shopping or cinema time, why not?

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