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TikTok Influencer How Can They Help For a Successful Business 2021 : The article runs you through some winning tips to increase your success on TikTok. The app is the newest trend on social media with over 1.5 billion downloads and has significantly evolved from a video creation platform to a marketing and advertising heaven. It is no more a lip-syncing video for teens but has become a lot more than that. 

Thinking to advertise on TikTok? Walkthrough our comprehensive guide, helping you to make the most of the platform. 

Be a Smart TikTok influencer

Gone are the days when hard-selling used to bring in some leads. Now you need to crack the platform, learn all ins and out to earn bucks. The best thing is to always look around the top competitors and see what they are doing. Before you dive deep, here’re a few things for you to consider:

Watch videos: Open up the app and see tons of silly videos to feel the vibe of the platform.

Get some followers: Since you’ve just landed and are blank about how to indulge in, buy real TikTok followers to build an acquaintanceship with the platform. 

Follow accounts you like: you already may have some rivals on the platform, generating leads, keep an eye out for all their activities and strategies and employ their best practices in your current business marketing plan

Add trending music and effects

Learn to go with the flow, TikTok is all about amazing filters and effects and has all songs and famous dialogues without copyright infringement issues. Be sure that you are following all trends. When you have recorded the video, tap the red circle with a white checkmark and tap next. 

On the post screen, make sure to

  • Add fun and engaging short caption.
  • Incorporate some branded and trending hashtags.
  • @ the other brands or friends.
  • Add appropriate links

Use Hashtags and Curate User Generated Content 

Creating brand-centric content in a fun way is an excellent idea to promote your business but giving a try to user-generated content can help the business prosper even more. To curate UGC, you must have branded Hashtags and compel customers to add in their videos while they use your product or services. There is also an alternative way: run a paid hashtag challenge which allows a prospect to learn about the company through a winning marketing vehicle. For instance, a random user sees the creator he is following, wearing a shirt of your brand, if he will want to learn more about the dress, he’ll have a choice to click your branded hashtags, the simple tactics grow sales- all because of a TikTok video.

Work with TikTok influencers

TikTok-specific influencers are individuals who can help you to widen your reach on the platform. Since here you will be dealing with generation Z who are opposed to anything that looks like a typical ad. Hence, when you with some of the influencers of the platform, it aids in building a connection with that generation of users. To get better result from TikTok influencer marketing, always ensure the influencer’s following matches with your target audience. 

Take advantage of TikTok ads

TikTok officially has launched four types of ads including infeed native content, these ads are similar to Instagram story ads and come with multiple features like website clicks or app download. Brands takeover is another type, where GIFs, images, or videos with embedded links take users to a hashtag challenge or a landing page. Branded lenses are similar to Snapchat 2D, and 3D lenses for photos while hashtag challenge is also a type of TikTok ad where marketers make a hashtag challenge go viral and use a specific set of hashtags to foster engagement. 

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