Summer is finally over, fall is beginning and the holidays are around the corner. You may want to get your home ready as your family is probably expecting a lot of visitors and there are some things to take care of before winter. Now would also be the time to check with a junk removal team like If your jacuzzi is not in the best shape anymore, why wait until spring to let it go?

A Girl Playing with the Autumn Leaves

1. Start From Your Garden

Fall is the time of the year when the leaves turn into beautiful red and orange colors. The view of these colorful trees is a natural spectacle every year. Your children play with the leaves that have already fallen. Maybe they also have fun with the foliage the trees have shed. However, neither leaves nor foliage can remain on your lawn. They pile up and create a perfect home for pests. 

So, rake those leaves onto a tarp to make it easier to have them hauled away. Or you can leave them and turn them into shreds to serve as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. Also, remove any dead shrubs and bushes. Let a junk removal take care of their remains unless you want to cut them down for your compost. Add mulch to your other plants to get them ready for winter.

2. Check the Gutters

Fallen leaves as well as other debris and gunk can clog your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, you’ll have a problem when the snow is melting. You could also encounter problems with your foundation if your gutters overflow during rainfall. Once they spill, water will collect near your foundation causing it to crack. Clean your gutters to ensure perfect drainage and avoid any damage that could occur in winter.

3. Maintain Your Furnace and Heater for the Winter

The last thing you’d want to experience is to freeze in winter. Clean your furnace while it’s not running yet to remove any dust or dirt. Make sure the gas valve is shut off or turn off the circuit breaker. Take a wet cloth to wipe out any dirt on the insides, the blower fan chamber and the combustion chamber – depending on what kind of furnace you’ve got. Check if there are any holes to avoid carbon monoxide leakage into your home. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are functional and replace your filters.

Exterior of concrete house with wooden details and pillars near green lawn with stone steps

4. Donate or Remove Summer Items

Has your summer furniture suffered this year or are you thinking about an upgrade? What’s the condition of your jacuzzi? Have your children stopped playing with the swing set? In any of these cases, you could think about getting rid of these items and make plans for what to do with the space in spring. You don’t have to worry about checking with charities if they’d be interested in your stuff. Junk removal services take care of donations automatically, if your items are in good shape. 

5. Do a Carpet Cleaning (or Replacement)

Pollen has certainly accumulated over the summer and dust never takes any breaks, unfortunately. Make your home a pleasant place to visit for the holidays by giving your carpet a deep clean. Depending on its age and appearance you may want to consider a replacement. Carpets lose their fluff over time and a new one would make your home extra cozy this winter. 

It’s not so hard to remove old carpet. However, if you’ve got a subfloor heating system, you may want to check with a professional. Junk removal services may also offer carpet removals. While you’re at work, the experts remove the old carpet and leave your home spotless until you’re back home. You could hardly make it any easier for yourself to replace your old carpet.

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6. Make Room in Your Garage 

The garage isn’t just a perfect home for your car and bikes, but also storage items. Throughout winter you’ll probably need a bit more space for summer items you’d like to keep. Declutter your garage for more storage space. 

You could consider a garage sale – people are starting to browse for Christmas presents and you can make some cash on the side. Your old bike could be the treasure of someone else. Check for anything that is redundant or not of use anymore to sell.  It’s unlikely you’ll ever need a collection of seven hammers or drillers. And neither will your children still need all those toys you’ve stored in the garage if they’ve stopped using them.

7. Get Assistance From a Junk Removal Services (When You’re Done)

Junk pickup services are always only one call away. Theoretically, they can be at your doorstep the very same day you’re calling them. However, as a lot of people do fall cleanups to get ready for the holidays, you may end up on a waiting list. 

Avoid the long wait by scheduling in advance. For example, if you know you’re going to remove your carpet in two weeks, call a junk removal company now. You can put the old carpet strips into your garage if you still have some time left after you are done. Don’t underestimate carpet removals or cleanups, though. 

Parting Words on Junk Removal and Fall Cleanup

None of it is done within a day. Of course, you can contact a junk pick-up service after each step you’ve taken. But that’s going to turn out more expensive as they have to come out more than once. It’s best to make a plan on which days you’re taking care of which step to schedule junk removal accordingly. 


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