The Most Inspiring Yet Creative Travel Videos of All Time

Most Inspiring Yet Creative Travel Videos of All Time : We believe that when it comes to travel inspirations, there is nothing better than sitting with a cup of coffee and watching people’s travelogues that they achieve with ordinary sums of money that they save out of their daily life and spend it to travel the world.

You know, too many of us claim we want to travel the world but we never strive hard enough to do it. And obviously, this is not difficult. Even if you believe that it is too costly, you have kids or you’re very busy – because we can do it if they can.

To quench the thirst of the wanderer in you, we have curated a list of the top 6 inspiring travel videos that are highly creative and have the potential to instill a sense of adventure in you. If you are looking for inspiration, there is no better option than to enjoy some amazing travel videos that inspire you to travel across the globe. Let’s get started with the list!

Top 6 Amazing Travel Videos

 1. The Curves of Iran by Stanislas Giroux

The Curves of Iran is for many reasons a wonderful travel video. First, this movie portrays a misunderstood nation in an inspirational light that highlights how lovely the Iranians are and the richness and beauty of Persian culture.

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The director may also offer a peek of Iran’s secret life led by happy citizens who spend their time at parties. This video is a hint to the world that Iranians are the same as everyone else without any political distinctions.

The picture, the editing, and the soothing soundtrack included in the video are the reasons why this is one of the best Travel Videos.

2. In Japan 2015 by Vincent Urban

“In Japan” is a traveling vlog from the land of the Rising Sun with fast-cut and upbeat music that makes it a perfect demonstration for the eternally fast-moving cities of Japan. The travel clip covers many parts of Japan, making the nation highly attractive to potential travelers.

It catches people’s enthusiasm by portraying the rich & colorful culture and the attractions of Japan flawlessly. The video also balances all the aspects throughout the video using slow-motioning, hyper-lapse, timing, and drone views.

3. The Road Story Vietnam by Georgy Tarasov

Georgy Tarasov is a master of building touching travel narratives. “The Road Story Vietnam” is a travelogue about a beautifully conceived story of a man going on one of the most beautiful highways in the world through Vietnam.

The traveler goes from ride to ride and then rides a motorcycle, which is the greatest way to see Vietnam in its true sense. He then interacts with local people in different ways, keeping the viewer interested in the place.

It is not simple to tell such a thoughtful narrative while traveling since travel is unplanned and unpredictable. Kudos to him and his brother because they are able to construct a fantastic narrative on their trip to a strange place like Vietnam and create one of the best travel movies ever.

4. Loving Lanka by Sebastian Linda

“Loving Lanka” is a video that has played with the idea of time, which is already hard in itself. However, the video is so brilliantly performed by Sebastian that it deserved to be on the list.

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The video begins at a regular speed with the narrative about time, and suddenly the music peaks, time stands still, and everything goes backward. The spectators are assaulted with rapid editing reverse footage of Sri Lanka, stitched into one using an advanced tool such as InVideo.

He clearly put a great deal of thought into the idea, adhered to it, and linked the dots one at a time till the finish, and it shows. The film is a good example of time manipulation in journey videos that don’t seem overdone or compelled.

5. PARIS by Guy Trefler

This movie named PARIS with a simple title, “Rediscover Paris with a new perspective,” caught us truly by surprise. We believed it was yet another romantic Paris vacation travelogue that you typically see online, but this video pushes viewers to the next level.

Combining the basic visuals of Paris’ landmarks and buildings with the humorously drawn animation showing a much needed and lighter method of showing the distinctive Paris culture, that will allow you to smile for 2 minutes.

After seeing this travel clip, we promise you will never see Paris in the same way again.

6. The Galapagos – Calling Home by Andrew Norton

This is perhaps the most innovative and smart Travel Videos of all time, and the idea is so basic and sleek that it would have been made by someone before but was never done for some reason.

This travel clip utilizes a basic Skype connection between Andrew and his wife for telling and advancing on the Galapagos Islands that form the basis of the narrative of Andrew’s journey.

The conversation was informal and amusing throughout the video and that would be enough to keep you interested till the conclusion, but Andrew took it to another level with sweet drawings between the footage of the animals, the people, and the landscape he experienced.

It is a breath of fresh air to see this kind of travel video that will surely leave a huge smile on your face.


Travel videos are awesome to watch as they awaken the wanderer in you. Not only are these exhilarating creations, but the level of creative goodness filled into the creations is virtually unparalleled. Once you watch these videos, you will be filled up with a desire to explore more and document your journey to share with the world, just as these amazing creators have demonstrated.

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