How to create your merchandise

How to create your merchandise – still thinks about it. Now you are at the right place to resolve this problem. The rapid spread of digital technology and its easy accessibility have created numerous business opportunities for creative folks. Whether you are a musician, YouTube video maker, or graphic designer keen to start your entrepreneurial journey, you can reinforce your branding and marketing campaign with the help of customized merchandise created especially for you. To monetize your creative talents, you must first establish your name or brand. Once the target audience becomes familiar with it, you can launch your marketing campaign for better engagement that leads to conversions. After all, conversions matter most because it brings in revenue and to achieve the goal you must launch an aggressive marketing campaign.

 What is customized merchandise?

Giving freebies is an age-old branding and marketing technique, and companies have used it for years to promote their brands. The same technique has become much more affordable and easily accessible to creative individuals who can now fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations by using customized merchandise to develop their brands and popularize them.

It is now possible to express your creative ideas through custom printed products like T-shirts, hats, mugs, hoodies, bottles, backpacks, etc., with unique designs that bear the marks of your individual artistry.  It helps in creating your brand and, at the same time, monetizes your talent. You can sell the products online by setting up an online store almost at no cost and earn the distinction of being a merch maker or a person capable of creating unique merchandise that the audience loves.

Customize for others

Individual artists and performers can use customized merchandise or their brand promotion to grow the audience. Creative individuals can seize the opportunity and start their own business by customizing merchandise for others. Today, everyone wants to make unique style statements by creating a unique fashion that helps to stand out from the crowd.  You can help them express their creative ideas most compellingly by offering outstanding designs for printing on T-shirts, hoodies, or any other product that customers want.

Besides serving customers with customized products, you can use the same methodology for establishing your brand. The only difference is that the products you use to promote your brand are not for sale but given as gifts to your customers to spread the brand name across a wider section of people.

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Set up an online shop

Several online platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Spreadshop, etc., offer ready to use infrastructure for setting up your online shop against a small subscription, and some are even free. The investment is just too little compared to what you would have to spend to set up your online shop from scratch and completely hassle-free.

You can display your white label products on the platform and even upload your designs to showcase them to consumers who can choose one and ask you to print it on their chosen products. Individual customers are primarily keen to shop for items like apparel, backpacks, and bottles. In contrast, corporate customers or small businesses that use merchandise for marketing might choose other gifting products like mugs, key chains, bottles, etc. For individual customers, you can offer your designs, but for businesses, you must customize the products with the designs they provide to serve their branding purpose.

Source your products and arrange for printing

Your primary responsibility will be to arrange for various white label products to display in the shop and multiple designs for printing on the respective products. The designs will vary according to the products because of the available print area and the nature of the print surface. All designs do not look good on all kinds of products and surfaces.

For example, the design that looks good on T-shirts or hoodies will not at all be suitable for printing on bottles or mugs. Once you are ready with the products and designs, you should arrange for printing the design on the products chosen by customers. Customers make all selections virtually by looking at the products and designs displayed online and even pay immediately on selection.  You should then arrange to print the products and dispatch them to the customer’s address according to the agreed delivery schedule.

Tie up with a printing company

The printing company plays a pivotal role in this type of business model, generally known as POD or print of demand business. You must work closely with the printing company that acts as your business partner and protects your business interest. It is not just about outsourcing the printing job because the role of the printing company extends up to order fulfillment.

The printing company does much more than printing the products as it arranges for safe shipping of the ordered items to reach customers within the agreed timelines as stipulated in the order.  You must monitor the entire process closely to ensure timely delivery each time and every time.

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