How To Attract New Customers Through Social Media

Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Whether your business is large or small, established or new, online or offline, high or low risk for merchant accounts, one thing you all have in common is the need to constantly bring in brand new business.

Repeat business is certainly a very welcome benefit that every business owner hopes to obtain, but no business is safe and secure, resting on past sales accomplishments. In order for any business to ensure survival and promote growth, it must always be on the lookout for new customers and clients.

Social Media Paves The Way

No matter who your target audience may be, social media has the proven ability to reach almost each and every one of them directly.

There is at least one social media platform and often many more, that can provide you with the capability of speaking directly to those consumers you’re looking to reach. Currently, there are close to 75% of Americans actively using social media.

That’s an enormous amount of consumers turning to the internet community in order to find products, services, ideas and answers to their questions. When it comes to finding new customers and clients, every business can and needs to be taking major advantage of this incredible phenomenon.

Establishing A Strategy

First and foremost, it is extremely important to put together an organized and strategic plan of action.

This entails deciding on exactly what your goals are, determining who specifically you’re looking to reach, coming up with what you are able to offer in order to entice new customer prospects to try out your company, devising a system that will enable you to keep track of your results and most importantly, exploring all the popular social media platforms in order to determine which of them speaks to your particular target audience, how many of these platforms you would like to invest in, how much you’re willing and able to spend on this endeavor and what you can expect the return to be on your investment. 

Social Media Ups The Ante

The good news is, if you take into consideration the incredibly abounding number of consumers that are currently on social media sites, your chances of reaching a huge abundance of prospective customers and clients, are more than excellent, regardless of the specific platforms you choose to go with. Wondering where to buy Instagram followers. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or small business owner, we can help you with the real Instagram followers!

These potential buyers are already purchasing from and spending more with businesses that have been taking advantage of social media platforms, since they first arrived on the internet scene. There’s no getting around it. We live in an online world whose popularity, acceptance and demand continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

It behooves just about every business owner to get on board and take advantage of the benefits this online world has to offer; most especially when it comes to garnering new clients and customers.

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Social Media Ups The Ante

Of course, it almost goes without saying that selecting the appropriate social media sites for you to invest your money and time in will depend largely on the type of business you have and the distinct products or services you offer.

Of course, if you stick with the most popular sites, you will, as mentioned above, no doubt reach your target audience. Nonetheless, you should do your best to opt for sites that are known to attract your type of client or customer.

Fortunately, this should not prove to be difficult, as the most popular social media sites are pretty well defined when it comes to who their followers are.

Platform Specifics

Facebook is by far the most popular and widely used social media site in existence today. With over 1.7 billion daily users, it reaches nearly every existing demographic and will more than likely attract your specific target audience regardless of who they may be.  

Instagram is the second most popular social media site, geared toward a younger audience, with more than 500 million users per day. Although Instagram’s numbers aren’t as high as Facebook’s, you will most likely still be reaching huge numbers of consumers within the audience you’re targeting. In addition, Instagram is owned by Facebook and consequently offers many of the same benefits as Facebook, however without the same costs involved, thus offering you the ability to attract potential new clients and customers without breaking the bank.

Pinterest is used by 335 million people per month and is more specifically pointed in the direction of women who are on the lookout for ideas and concepts for their various creative, lifestyle and hobby interests, etc. Businesses that fall into these genres could benefit greatly from advertising on this particular platform.

LinkedIn boasts 104,000,000 daily users and is geared specifically towards business-people. If your company offers a product or service that would appeal to those in business or possibly to other businesses. This would be an excellent social media site for you to utilize as an advertising platform.

Endless Choices

There are many other very popular social media sites worth exploring, with hundreds of thousands of followers including YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Tumbir, Reddit, Quora and many, many more, often with very specific target audiences.

The idea is to get online and explore all the social media sites the internet has to offer, see what suits your business best and then take advantage of all they have to offer. If done right, your social media plan will bring you many new customers and clients and business will likely be and stay on the rise.

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