How Can WordPress Hosting Guarantee Speed Boost

How Can WordPress Hosting Guarantee Speed Boost : WordPress hosting is a specialized type of web hosting designed specifically for WordPress-based websites. In this type of web hosting situation, the hosting provider provides not only server space for the site, but also a number of services specific to the overall security, performance and efficiency of the site. This usually also involves updating some site components and setting up your server to optimize your site’s performance as best as possible. The cost of WordPress hosting management can be more than standard shared hosting costs, but the overall benefits can be enticing.

Tips on How Can WordPress Hosting Guarantee Speed Boost

Shared Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

The biggest difference between standard shared web hosting and a fully managed wordpress hosting solution like Nexcess is the loading speed potential. With a shared server, several other websites are also on your server. If one or more of those websites has significant traffic, it can affect the overall loading time of your site for potential users at specific and important times of day, when web traffic is at its peak. With managed WordPress hosting, settings are design to help your site run as quickly as possible. This also has the effect of making your site more responsive to search engine searches.

The Sometimes-Hidden Speed Boost of Managed Hosting

The speed boost you get is not only on the user side of navigating your site, however; you also receive a speed boost on the back end of the site, as many managing hosts run backups and updates for the overall site, saving you or your web professional important time that can be spent on other needed tasks.

Doing Your Part in Speeding Up Your Site with Managed Hosting

Part of the benefits you reap with managed hosting involve you or your web professional setting up your website. To work as best as possible with your hosting plan and its perks. This involves using best practices for web design and positive search engine optimization techniques. This can involve using things like an SEO site plugin that helps automate a lot of processes and keeping the overall content design and web code on your site as light and responsive as possible. Responsive web design is extremely important, as it allows your site to be easily read on mobile devices.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Cost?

If you are hosting a website for an up and coming business or organization, having a site. That is easy to find by standard commercial search engines is of paramount importance. Customers and information-needing users need to be able to find your site and its content as soon as possible. And that involves both loading speed and search engine visibility. While managed hosting will not necessarily guarantee traffic to your site. It will make it as easy as possible to find and navigate for your audience. And that is an expense that pays for itself over time.

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