Canopy Tent – The Rates You Have To Cater To While Making A Purchase

After giving it quite some thought, you have finally decided to invest some money on the canopy tents. With so many usage values, you can actually get hand on the best canopy tent in town. But, you have to make way for the prices, before you can settle for the best one. Searching the world of internet will let you come across so many types of canopy tents, but all will be within your pre-sett budget plans.

Now, based on the type of canopy tent you have chosen the prices are going to vary. If you are going for the standard tent with a spreading top and four frames to hold the top, then the rate will be between $50 and $100. But, if you are going for the lavish design of the tents with walls on three side of it, then the rate is going to increase. Then you might have to pay within $100 and $150, and even more, based on the level of creativity out there.

Costing increases with color:

If you are going for the plain and simple white canopy tent, you don’t have to pay much for the same. The same goes with some basic mono colors like red, blue, black and more. However, if you are going for multi colored options and looking for some unique designs on the tent’s fabric, then be prepared to pay some more for that.

With more designs or the fabricated tent tops, the rates are going to increase quite a lot. So, make sure to check out the differences in the price, before you can actually move forward and make a choice. Some of the tents are costly when compared to the standard one, but the invested money is worth it. You will receive some good attention from the crowd in the event because of your unique canopy tents.

The most expensive ones are the customized versions:

Among all the types of canopy tents available, the most expensive one is the customized version. As you can understand from the name itself, here you get the chance to customize the look of your tent to make it event friendly.

  • Here, you can add the name of the company or the logo of your brand on top of the tent. So, whenever someone visits your exhibition, they will come to know about you from the logo. Even people can recognize you from far off distances.
  • If you are promoting any new item s or launching a new service, you can mention about that on the canopy tents So, people will be provoked to come and visit your stand to know more about the services you are offering them with.

If you are trying to gain more attention of crowd, use the canopy tents as your master promotional tools. Customize them to make your stand stay out in the crowd and gain some more attention for your business as asked for.


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