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Human capital management software acts as a dedicated tool that helps in keeping control or tab over various employee-related activities. Payroll and work schedule management, hiring, training, and even on-boarding of employees can be carried out with complete efficiency through HCM software. Also, managers responsible for keeping control over human resource activities get access to necessary information and data analytics.

There are various human capital management software and solutions made available that organizations can adopt. Some of these are list below along with their benefits:

  1. Workday human capital management:

Consider as one of the best human capital management solutions available, Workday delivers separate modules for managing various human resource-relate activities like payroll management, attendance, hiring, on-boarding, etc. It acts as a one-stop solution from where all the dedicate activities concerned with human resources can be handle with ease.


  • Reporting and analytics-

Workday is consider to be the best human resource software as it delivers real-time reports and analytics. Information about various aspects can be obtain and further utilize for decision-making on time.

  • Easy data migration –

  • The process of migrating data from one software to another or system becomes also hassle-free through the adoption of Workday HCM software.


SuccessFactors is powerful HCM software that helps in the effective and efficient management of the complete human resource lifecycle. The software delivers data analytics solutions as well as a dedicated employee management center from where payroll and work schedules can be effectively managed without any hassle.


  • Hassle free management of core HR functionalities –

The HCM software allows proper management of core human resource activities like work schedules, payroll et cetera. Employee profiles and their goals can be manage with ease from single software.

  • Suitable for small and large organizations:

The software is suitable for every type of organization whether small or large.

  1. PeopleSoft:

Various modules for management of different activities like talent acquisition and payroll management etc. Also, the software delivers necessary capabilities to an organization for hassle-free monitoring and control over employee activities.


  • Easy integration:

The software allows for easy and hassle-free integration with enterprise resource planning software.

  • Contribute towards improve meant in organizational workflow and productivity.

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  1. Kronos Workforce Central:

Considered as one of the best automated human capital management software’s, Kronos Workforce Central helps in convenient management of various activities like work schedules, leave policies, and attendance schedules. Dedicate reports can be generate that can enable managers to take timely decisions with great professionalism.


  • Suitable for all types of organizations:

The HCM software is suitable for every type of organization whether small, medium, or large.

  • Scalable –

The software is highly scalable that can be easily adopt by different organizations and customized according to their requirements.

  1. UltiPro:

UltiPro is human capital management software that enables complete and hassle-free management of various activities like Human resource administration, work schedules, timing, payroll, and attendance. Consider as one of the most versatile human resource management software, it can be easily scale and customize according to the needs of an organization.


  • Easy to understand and adopt:

Software is known for its easy-to-understand features that can be adopt by organizations without any kind of normal workflow disruption.

  • Availability of a centralized workforce database:

The software delivers a centralized database from where necessary information can be obtained with is for timely decision making.

  1. CEIPAL Workforce:

CEIPAL Workforce Delivers a centralized database that allows managers for getting access to human resource-related information from a single platform. A dedicate mobile-base solution is also made available for obtaining human resource data with ease. A self-service module is also made available that allows employees to regularly update necessary information like their work schedules for analysis by managers as well.


  • Automatic generation of reports for analysis:

The software helps in the generation of automatic reports through available data and self-service modules.

 Zoho People:

Considered as one of the most flexible human capital management software, Zoho People can help with the proper management of Human resources. Attendance, records, and other employee managers’ operations can be handle and manage with ease.


  • Suitable for small and medium-sized organizations:

Zoho People It is suitable for small and medium-sized organizations. Employee information and their dedicated activities can be easily track and manage through the use of the solution.

Whatfix can even help with hassle-free employee training and on boarding that organizations can adopt for human capital management.

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