5 Reasons Why Luxury Watches Make Good Investments

Here we introduce top 5 reasons why luxury watches make good investments. For some people, buying a luxury watch may seem like a huge waste of money. It would look shiny and pretty but wouldn’t such a large amount be a little extra for something that merely tells time? To the ordinary watch user, perhaps this question has crossed your mind: “Don’t we already have phones and mobile devices for that?”

Although there are indeed numerous and more practical ways to track time, it doesn’t entirely mean that spending on a luxury watch lacks value. Investing in a luxury watch has its perks, benefits, and practical purposes. In this article, we will walk you through five crucial reasons why investing in a luxury timepiece can be worth your while and money.

1. Each Luxury Watch Model Is a Limited Edition

First of all, let’s touch on the topic of supply and demand. In most companies, watch models and collections may be mass-produced—some numbers would even go as high as tens of thousands. Oftentimes, these would eventually reach a point of discontinuation. And because production numbers are limited, a discontinued watch would become more difficult to find. That is why over time, a Rolex, an Audemars Piguet, or a Patek Philippe Nautilus luxury watch would yield a much greater value. The rarity of a watch or, generally, any commodity dictates its value.

Skeptics can say what they want, but on the economic side of things, this is the reason why luxury watches are legit investments. The money you spent will give back a greater return. One thing you should consider though is that the increase in its value won’t happen overnight. Much like any investment, it might take a minimum of ten or more years to grow. It is an investment, nonetheless!

2. There Is a Thriving Second-Hand Market

If worse comes to worst that you experience an emergency or a serious financial crisis, worry not because the resale market of the industry is promising! Out of the millions of watch collectors and enthusiasts around the world, one of them would likely be a prospective buyer.

The success rate of resale won’t always be the same, but besides doing your research, here are a few pointers that you should know! Reliable Swiss brands like Patek Philippe and their most popular watch models often have the best baseline resale value. Also, take note: even though it makes sense that gold watches would fare excellently in the secondhand market, watches with titanium or silver bracelets do much better. Lastly, don’t be afraid of considering sports watches because they have great resale value as well.

3. The Rapport You Build Will Be Priceless

Rapport is the image you portray and the impressions that you make. As we all know that first impressions last—as an entrepreneur, a big shot, or a corporate leader—you must never settle for less with your day-to-day accessories… especially your choice of wristwatches. Without words, it will show that you are a man or woman of fine taste, one who appreciates fine craftsmanship and the artistry of the watchmaking heritage. More than anything, every time you shake hands with business partners and executives, it will reflect how much you value time.

4. Durability: You Enjoy What You Paid For

One of the things that explain the pricing and prestige of most luxury watches is their durability. Luxury watches are often tried and tested to withstand impossible depths, pressure, dust, and scratches. When you buy a luxury watch, for its first five years, it should come with a warranty and may also include free servicing. This is more than enough time to ensure that the model you got doesn’t come with any issues or manufacturing defects.

Luxury Watches
5 Reasons Why Luxury Watches Make Good Investments

That said, you are sure to enjoy it for the rest of your life. Much yet, it can even outlive you. You can give it to one of your kids when they grow up and let it serve as a family heirloom.

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5. You Only Live Once

If you are looking for a sign of whether you should get a luxury watch or not, this is it. Your hard work and dedication deserve to be rewarded. And since you only live once, better yet, live a life where you’ve at one point indulged and owned a luxury watch. The bliss and happiness you get just might be worth the investment. You’ll never know, having that boost would push you towards reaching greater heights in the workplace or your career. That watch can serve as a mighty reminder of the big things that you can accomplish!


Luxury watches can be very expensive. The moment you get one for yourself, that’s when you would notice the benefits of owning one—some include benefits that not even money can buy. That said, we hope this post convinced you that luxury watches make an excellent investment. Thank you for sticking around and be sure to check out TheWatchCompany.com for exclusive deals and discounts!

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