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Yes, more competitors exist online than ever before. However, consumers are also spending more time online (even more so now after the pandemic!). Therefore, you still have opportunities to capture a portion of the market. In this guide, you’ll find five excellent ideas to get started!

1. Choose Social Media Platforms Wisely

This first tip could just save you lots of wasted time and money this year because too many businesses focus solely on the largest social media platforms. Rather than assuming that Facebook and Instagram are the best solutions because they have the most users, dig deeper because there may be a less popular platform that contains lots of your audience too.

For instance, many businesses recently have found value in the likes of Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora. Take Reddit, for example. You can join subreddits from your niche, answer questions, get involved in debates, and become a leader in the market. USA’s best digital marketing experts suggest that if you join the right communities, you’ll enjoy a larger return than you ever experienced on Facebook.

On the other hand, Facebook is still the right option for some businesses. Ultimately, expand your social media horizons and don’t just assume that the biggest platforms are the best.

2. Build an Email List

If you’ve heard that email marketing is dead, the rumors aren’t true. The very fact that GDPR and other privacy restrictions have limited unsolicited emails is great news for your business. Why? Because consumers actively pay attention to their inboxes once again. Since they don’t receive spam emails, they pay more attention to the messages that reach the inbox.

Therefore, start building an email list as soon as possible. If people provide their email addresses, not only do they want you to contact them, but they even expect it. Email marketing isn’t an outdated form of communication because consumers have control over their inboxes once more.

3. Create High-Quality Content

Remember when cramming the same word into an article 37 times would bring the content onto the first page of search results? Well, these days are sadly over. Now, the Google algorithm focuses on quality and search intent. One of the best ways to grow your business online is to create genuinely useful content for the audience. Content that primarily helps readers rather than trying to sell your products.

The more high-quality content on your website, the more credibility you have as a business. Suddenly, you’re helping your audience rather than continually selling to them. Of course, some readers will click through to other useful articles and eventually to your products.

4. Base Decisions on Data

Next, emotion has very little to do with accurate and successful marketing campaigns these days. Consequently, you should base decisions on data. For example, optimize ad campaigns based on metrics and analytics. If the analytics suggest that a change in CTA is needed, make this change. The numbers don’t lie and basing decisions on data removes the subjective nature of digital marketing.

5. Automate and Outsource

Finally, it’s difficult to grow your business online these days if you aren’t willing to automate and outsource. Especially if you have a small business with very few employees, you don’t want to be bogged down by simple tasks. Automate tasks like ad optimization and live chat on your website; these boost results while also freeing up time for your employees.

People often worry that technology will take over jobs, but you use it in a way that makes the lives of employees easier. Now, they can focus on the tasks for which they were initially hired. Good luck this year!


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