Why & How To Conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual harassment is undeniably a huge problem in the workplace, and although a lot has been done to raise awareness about it and prevent it, we cannot fail to mention that it is still present and that it can still cause a lot of troubles to people. Well, since the problem is not resolved, we need to keep working towards resolving it. Employers have a major role in resolving the issue and their task is to conduct the mandated sexual harassment training New York state requires.

Of course, if you have a company in a different state than New York, then you should definitely check what the law says about these trainings, so as to know whether they are required or not. Even if they aren’t, however, I would still advise you to conduct them, as they can be extremely helpful. They can have a huge impact on the way harassment is handled in a workplace and they can, thus, decrease the number of harassment issues that your employees might be facing.

I know that those companies that are required by law to conduct the harassment prevention training will certainly do that without thinking too much about it. Yet, some of them might still not understand the importance of it, and that undeniably has to change. In short, you need to understand why this is so important and then you also need to learn how to do it the right way, because that’s how you’ll keep your employees and your company safe. So, let’s start answering those questions for you.

Why Conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The first question that we’re going to address is the question of why sexual harassment prevention training is important in the first place. Some employers might assume that their staff doesn’t need something like this and that it would just be a waste of time, but that’s definitely not true. Aside from the fact that these training programs will lead you towards observing the law, you should also know that they’ll offer great protection to your company in general.

This is an important read that will help you understand things a bit better: https://scholars.org/sites/scholars/files/ssn_basic_facts_blackstone_on_sexual_harassment.pdf 

If you’re now trying to figure out how it is that these programs will protect your company, let me make that clear right away. In few words, if you don’t provide any training whatsoever and if there are instances of harassment in your company, you’ll open yourself up to a lot of lawsuits that certainly won’t end well for you. On the other hand, if you conduct the training, you’ll have something to show for – i.e. you’ll have proof that you’ve done what you could with the purpose of preventing harassment.

Why & How To Conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The people in your company are your most valuable assets, am I right? Well, if they start feeling uncomfortable due to harassment, they are bound to at least leave your company, if not file those lawsuits. This way, you’ll keep losing talents simply because you weren’t able to create a safe environment to work in. This will further tarnish your reputation and your entire firm will suffer the consequences.

Thus, in addition to protecting your company, you need to protect your staff as well. Once again, you can do this by conducting harassment prevention trainings and thus making sure that your employees are well acquainted with the steps they should take should they notice any kinds of behaviors that might not be appropriate in the workplace. By doing this, you’ll create a much safer environment, which could lead to loyal employees who will love working for you. Go here to read more about how to prevent harassment.

How To Do It

Now, when you realize that these trainings are important and that you need to conduct them, you’ll find yourself wondering one simple thing. How can you actually do it? Well, the most significant thing to focus on here is finding the right training program for you and your company, and that will undeniably require you to do some research. Fortunately, you can do all the research online and, what’s more, you can even conduct the trainings online, which can make things much easier for everyone these days.

So, what you have to do here is find the perfect providers of the training programs by researching several different ones and checking their level of experience, as well as their reputation, with the goal of determining which provider can offer you the best quality programs and the best prices. Of course, in order to check the quality of the programs, you’ll have to take a closer look at them and find out what those consist of precisely. It would also be a good move for you to read a few reviews about the training programs you’re considering and about the providers, so as to be sure that you’re making the right choice.

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