Top Energy Mistakes Your Business Shouldn’t Make

Top Energy Mistakes Your Business Shouldn’t Make : Conserving energy is quickly becoming important. According to research, small businesses that invest in strategic energy solutions save up to 30 percent of energy costs. Besides saving energy, these initiatives will make the environment better. Also, it’s important to get everything right when implementing energy-saving initiatives. In particular, don’t make the following mistakes when investing in business energy initiatives.

Not Paying Attention to Lighting Inefficiencies

Don’t ignore your lighting inefficiencies. If you’re still using traditional lighting fixtures, then you’re missing out on so much. Incandescent bulbs are only ten-percent efficient and they lose up to ninety percent of their energy as heat. LED lightings, on the other hand, are ninety-five percent efficient and lasts longer than traditional forms of lighting.

So, why pay exorbitant energy bills when you can readily switch to energy-efficient lights? LED lighting fixtures are an incredible investment for every business. If you want to minimize your business’ footprint, consider investing in LED lighting.

Lights On

Switch off the lights after use. Leaving them on all ar5ound can significantly increase your energy costs. And this is particularly true if you haven’t installed efficient lighting fixtures on your business premises. Empty rooms and hallways are other major sources of energy wastage. Since traditional bulbs lose much energy, it’s always imperative to switch them off immediately after you’re done using them.

Leaving Computers and Laptops On

Did you know that desktops are more energy-consuming than laptops? Well, now you know. According to research, desktop computers consume more than ten times of the energy consumed by laptops. By investing in laptops, you can save yourself substantial amounts of energy costs. Plus, laptops offer greater portability and flexibility.

Not Servicing Your HVAC System

Make sure that your HVAC system is regularly serviced. Don’t wait until your HVAC system malfunctions before undertaking scheduled maintenance. Preventive maintenance can help your business to conserve energy and increase profitability over the long term. Insulating your HVAC ducts can go a long way in improving their efficiency and minimizing energy wastage.

Overusing Hot Water

Maintaining a lower temperat6ure on your water heater offers an incredible way to minimize energy costs. Turning down the temperature a little bit can dramatically reduce your energy bills. Turn it down to about 120 Fahrenheits and you’ll be surprised to see how your utility costs will drop.

Not Having an Energy Management Based Plan

Be sure to implement an effective energy management plan. Investing in energy-saving lighting fixtures and being vigilant about switching off lights can be very helpful for your business. Devise a written energy management plan and encourage your staff members to abide by its principles. An energy audit can help you identify potential energy gaps and guide you on how to fix them.

The Bottom-Line

Energy management is one of the key areas that define the success of a business. Getting it right will not only save money but also make your business energy efficient. Making mistakes can cost your business. Avoid making the above energy mistakes if you want your business to thrive. 

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