Class 7 Maths Olympiad Exam

Tips to Excel in Class 7 Maths Olympiad Exam : The main purpose of the International Math Olympiad exam is to score the best possible marks so that your mathematical talent is recognized at the national level. Students must therefore prepare for the exam in such a way that they score the maximum marks. Now, this might be a point of confusion for many students. Those who are unfamiliar with the workings of the Class 7 IMO wonder what their preparation strategy be to ace the exam. 

Here are some tips that will help boost your preparation to such a level that you will not only crack the exam but also do so with amazing scores:

Perfect your theory

Although the IMO exam tests your logical and analytical skills, it is incumbent that you have a good grasp of the Class 7 Math theory.  Without a firm understanding of the fundamental theoretical principles, you will not be able to successfully apply their logic to the exam questions.

Test your conceptual knowledge 

Before you begin preparations, you must have good knowledge about where you currently stand in Class 7 Maths. Just to understand your current position, download any previous year question paper, say IMO Class 7 2013 Question Paper ad see if you can solve it. What do you feel about the questions in the achiever’s section? What about the questions in the other sections? Evaluate yourself carefully and then approach your preparation accordingly.

Start your preparation early

Do not wait for the exam dates to be announced if you have decided to appear for the Class 7 IMO exam this year. Begin your preparation early as this way you will also prepare for your Class 7 school exams. Therefore there is no downside to beginning early. However, there are a ton of advantages that you can have if you start your preparations at the earliest. This way you get loads of time to practice using question papers, Olympiad books, and mock tests. 

Make a timetable

Since you have a lot to study for school along with studying for the International Maths Olympiad, it is advised that you make a timetable where you can designate specific hours for practicing for the Olympiad as well as doing homework and studying other subjects.

Invest in good books

You can get many Olympiad-specific books that can help you practice efficiently for the Olympiad exam. There are several books available in the market. Therefore do good research before choosing any specific brand. Look for books that are well-reputed, contain the latest sample papers, OMR sheets, tons of exercises, and worksheets. They must also follow the actual exam pattern.

Download question papers online

Question papers are the most recommended source of practice for the International Math Olympiad. With enough practice from the previous years’ question paper, you will excel in the exam undoubtedly.

Give mock tests

Mock tests also give you a great idea about your speed and performance when under strictly timed conditions. Hence give a lot of mock tests to improve your performance in the exam.

Refer to online lectures

Online lectures can be your savior when preparing for the International Math Olympiad. These videos are crafted by experts and teachers who have years of experience in preparing kids for the International Maths Olympiad exam. you will find in these videos, tips, strategies, and hacks that can help you be fully prepared for the exam.

Make notes

When referring to online videos or preparatory guides, be sure to take notes of all the important points so that you do not forget them later. Also make notes of all the important formulas, theorems, and concepts from your Class 7 Math syllabus to aid in your revision. 

Have an examination strategy

It is one thing to prepare efficiently for the exam, and it is another thing to be completely cognizant of during the exam. Sometimes the environment of the exam can itself be the cause of distraction in the exam. Therefore be ready with an exam strategy to help you focus correctly in the exam

Solve in this order

For an exam like the International Maths Olympiad, the order of solving the questions is extremely crucial since you are under strictly timed conditions.  Begin the exam with the achiever’s section as this section requires you to think a little bit more and the questions are for a slightly higher difficulty level and carry more marks. Following that, move on to the logical and reasoning section. Attempt the everyday math section at the last as you will quickly be able to go through all the questions in this section.

Read the questions carefully

Sometimes in a hurry, students do not read the questions well and jump to solving them. This can be counterproductive as the questions carry all the hints you need to solve in the IMO question paper. So take your time to read the question well and note down all the important details mentioned in the question. 

Do not waste time on complicated questions

If you find a certain question difficult and eating up your time, then mark it for review and move on to the next question. You can come back to this question in the end if you have time.

Review and recheck

Review your answer sheet carefully. See if you have marked all the answers correctly or if you have left out any questions unknowingly. You may have marked the wrong answer in the OMR sheet in haste or even forgot to mark an answer for any question even though you knew it.

Stay positive

Most importantly, stay calm and composed during the IMO exam. keep a calm demeanor so that you can think straight and focus all your energy on solving the question paper fast. Do not be distract by anything around you. For 60 minutes, engage all your senses in giving the exam.

If you follow these tips sincerely, your score in the Class 7 International Math Olympiad exam will be exceptional and you will make yourself and your parents proud.

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