Pull up the hoodie to create a dress-like effect

Pull up the hoodie to create a dress-like effect : We all know that a hoodie can be an everyday staple in your wardrobe, but designer Lawrence Scott showed us how the simple pull up design can make for a whole new look.

The “pull up” method of styling is creating a dress effect by pulling the material at the hem of the hoodie around you to create pleats and gathering together to fit snuggly around with flexible or string belts worn tightly around the waist. Clever!

With most antisocialsocialclub hoodies being made from thicker materials, remember to accessorize accordingly with thin belts or scarves that won’t weigh down over thick fabrics. Think about what shoes you would wear if it was summer time? Heels are not recommended as this creates a dressy look and wouldn’t compliment the outfit. Try sticking to flats or trainers.

If you decide to go out somewhere for drinks with this style, don’t forget your best essentials – hair ties, clear nail polish and bags that fit anything and everything in! You can really look pulled together with just a few clever styling tricks yet still remain casual due to the lined hoodie.

For those who feel like experimenting more with this design, try pairing it with other clothing items such as track pants or leggings underneath; maybe even throw on some stockings if you want to create more of a formal look. The possibilities are endless! Just think like an artist when creating your personal style.

Conclusion paragraph:

Pulling up the hoodie to create a dress-like effect is an easy way to look chic in any setting. You can wear it with jeans, CDG Hoodie blue, or anything else that you want! This fashion trend will make your outfit stand out from all of the other ones around you. Have you tried this style? Let us know what you think about it by commenting below!

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