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Terra is a dynamic blockchain with a couple of active and successful projects. StarTerra and Pylon Protocol are among them. Generally, the platform aims at mass adoption of their payment service and investment. This is why it has now promised new projects amid a new wave of updates. 

For a moment, let’s discuss the Pylon Protocol. This is a yield farming platform where investors can save and earn yields and process payments as well. But Pylon also has a launchpad for innovative crypto service developers, which is funded by investors. As such, the protocol has two sides: the creator and the user sides. 

To make all the operations possible in the Pylon Protocol, MINE Pylon comes in. We can call it the native token in the platform that makes things happen. If you are planning to invest in Terra, particularly Pylon Protocol, then let’s dive into some detailed Insights.

What Is MINE Pylon?

As mentioned, MINE Pylon is the native token used for investment and governance of the Pylon Protocol. Currently, there are over 700 million MINE tokens in circulation, and the investors confirm that a maximum of 10 billion tokens will eventually be released into the system. 

The token conforms to the CW20 standards, and any potential investor can buy it through easy steps as guided on the Terra platform. 

How Do You Buy the MINE Pylon Token?

You need a Terra Station wallet before you buy the tokens. The process to get one is pretty simple. You can use their app on a mobile phone or visit their website to register.

The other step is to get the MINE Pylon tokens. You simply have two options. First, you can swap tokens and coins in the Terra Station wallet for it. But if you do not have any, you can start from scratch by buying the coins on the same platform. Currently, it goes for 0.086 UST. Or even better, learn the facts here now.

The other option is to claim MINE Pylon from airdrops given to LUNA stakers. As such, you need to be proactive in the Terra blockchain, which requires some time. It could be days, weeks, or months before you can engage in airdrops.

How Do You Use the MINE Pylon Token?

The MINE Pylon token gives users rights to participate in governance. Once you stake MINE, you have the right to vote on various decisions such as fund grants, launchpad projects, and updates among other decisions. This is done in the community, from which you can also benefit from investment ideas. 

MINE Pylon is also used for yield farming. Stakers earn a portion of proceeds gained from various projects. There are tools on the platform to help you project how much you will earn from investing in MINE Pylon. So, make use of them.

Are There Any Risks?

Generally, cryptocurrency operations have high risks. Frankly, anything could happen. We have all heard about hacking and loss of funds with digital assets. But the Terra blockchain has not had any misfortunes to make you worried. They are serious about asset security and transparency of operations. As such, it is an investment worth making. 

Additionally, many popular cryptocurrencies have outperformed other investments in the long run. Don’t we all wish we had invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum in their early days? This could be your opportunity to invest in a second-generation cryptocurrency while it is still new and more affordable.

Now that you know about the MINE Pylon investment, you can make informed decisions. Perhaps, this is your best way to become a crypto investor. Give MINE a shot now.


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