Hamachi is a virtual LAN connector that creates a LAN connection over the Internet. It creates a connection between the PCs and the user’s laptop or computer through the LAN. However, Hamachi comes with various driver-related issues, and Games are also getting upgrades continuously. The paid users of Hamachi can run it in the background on computers generally. Earlier, this feature was available to all free users but now has got restricted. Hence, the need for a Hamachi Alternative. The 5 Alternatives to Hamachi in this article will surely help users.

Hamachi and the Need for its Alternatives

Here, we will share the reasons for the requirement of a Hamachi alternative for the VPN users. Hamachi is a virtual LAN connector which creates a LAN connection over the Internet. Thus, it establishes a connection between your computer to any other PCs through the LAN.

However, Hamachi has serious driver-related issues. For paid users, Hamachi runs in the background on computers. But this particular feature is now not available to the free users now. Hence, people are searching for a perfect alternative to Hamachi.

Also, privacy and security related issues are a constant threat to internet users. There is always a risk of disclosure of critical and personal data. This security risk is however a similar issue with all other VPNs. This is because VPNs always get exposed on remote machines. Behind a Firewall nobody can access it. Thus, many internet users and gamers are searching for an alternative to Hamachi which provides maximum security and lag-free experience.

Top 5 Hamachi Alternatives

Here we have mentioned the top 5 alternatives to Hamachi. These options are tried and tested and also include free versions. Some of them are completely open-source as well. So, read the complete list till the end if you are also searching for a right alternative to this Hamachi software.

1) ZeroTier

ZeroTier is a good Hamachi alternative which creates a virtual LAN which is private. It is compatible with operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS, and Linux. As an Open Source system, ZeroTier is providing free Android and iOS apps.

ZeroTier as an alternative to Hamachi VPN is offering all the capabilities of VPNs, SDN, and SD-WAN through a single system. This particular tool is easy to use and doesn’t need users to port forward.

ZeroTier Price:

  • It is free to all the users looking for normal use.
  • The Premium Plan will cost 49 USD per month.

2) Evolve

Evolve offers the fastest growing VLAN for gaming to gamers. Evolve has become one of the best Hamachi alternatives. It boasts of extra tunneling drivers and network adapters. Evolve also boasts enhanced communication just like Hamachi VPN.

Evolve offers a rich overlay to work with a number of games and follows a Steam-like approach. The tie-up of team Evolve with Green Man Gaming offers the gamers to buy from the Evolve’s clients in the game.

Price of this Hamachi Alternative:

  • It is free to all users for normal use.
  • For premium features, gamers will have to pay 4.00 USD per month to enjoy its features.

3) Wippien

There are some gamers who don’t want to install heavy softwares on their system to maintain a good gaming experience, Wippien will be a right choice for them! The Hamachi vpn alternative uses the WeOnlyDo-wodVPN component to establish a P2P VPN connection with each of the clients.

The app is a free and open-source alternative to Hamachi. This application is compatible with both the Jabber and Gmail accounts. The user will be able to register only by using these two above mentioned email services.


Wippien is an open source Hamachi Alternative vpn. Henceforth, it is free to use for all!

4) FreeLan

FreeLAN, as the generic VPN creator, is one of the most familiar applications to many users. FreeLan is widely popular for creating the VPN of any user in the simplest way.

It is an alternative to Hamachi that allows the user a lag-free gaming experience. Also, the game ping doesn’t get high suddenly during gameplay. Moreover, FreeLAN works as a free open-source extensive and straightforward VPN creator.

Price of FreeLan:

FreeLan is completely free to use for the gamers. Hence, it is a popular alternative to Hamachi.

5) SoftEther

Software Ethernet i.e. SoftEther is an alternative to Hamachi.  It is a free VPN software with multi-protocol that is easy to use and is powerful. SoftEther, like FreeLAN, is totally open-source and is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

This Hamachi vpn alternative also offers excellent features with flexibility. The software has a pretty good interface which is used as a resistance to highly-restricted Firewall. This is done by using SSL-VPN Tunneling on HTTPS, and passes through Firewall and NATs. SoftEther is a VPN service provider that offers RSA 4096-bit encryptions and AES 256-bit.


SoftEther as an alternative to Hamachi is an open-source software. Therefore it is free to use for all.

That’s all, we hope you have some options at hand in case you are searching for an alternative to Hamachi. We request you to visit the official websites for the latest updates. Also, you can like, share, and subscribe to our blogs for more such useful information on Tech. Do spare some time to check out Enchan-Trixto [Dot] Com to find some more Tech Hacks and Information.

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