How to Create Profitable Bundles for Your Amazon FBA Business?

There are different business models that you can try as a seller on Amazon. Retail arbitrage is the most common for many individuals where they buy from a retail store and resell items on Amazon. Private label is also tried by many others who can afford to launch a brand new product on the platform. The wholesale is another good thing but among all these models the wholesale bundle is the most lucrative one. It best suits the portfolios of the platform and helps you sell more of the products. Unlike wholesaling where you are selling bundles of similar products the wholesale bundles are a blend of related products. Instead of selling hands-free headsets alone, you would be offering a USB cable and wireless earphones as well. Bundling the items in such a way provides more options to you as a seller. You can attract multiple customers with common needs. You can find more details on related to wholesale bundles. The art of selling in wholesale bundles can be learned from here.

A variety of wholesale bundle options are available on the site. You will learn all about how to plan and launch your bundles to reap high revenues. You can visit the website anytime for more details. Some basic steps involved in the process of making a bundle for selling on Amazon are however described below.

Steps Involved in Making and Launching Wholesale Bundles

The following step-by-step guide will enable you to create some wonderful bundles for your Amazon business. You can follow these steps as a seller to carve some wonderful bundles for sale on Amazon.

1. Find A Bundle Idea

Finding a fine bundle idea is the first step towards fine-class bundle development. You can search for a profitable niche to start developing bundles. If you are into camping then just think about providing the entire camping-related material in a bundle. If you are thinking about a baby’s birthday then imagine adding toys and décor items in a bundle. You can try a set of multiple options while trying to design your dream bundle. The depth and width of your bundle will depend on the set of similar needs you are trying to address with your wholesale bundle.

2. Find A Fabulous Bundle Theme

You have endless options when it comes to choosing a theme for your bundle. You can however decide on picking a theme by keeping your product mix in mind. You can decide on a theme by keeping by focusing on the underlying need as well. For example, if you have decided to develop a birthday party bundle then it’s time to design for a dream kid who is interested in ninja turtles. Your bundle theme could well be placed around “Ninja turtles birthday party bundle”. You can try more options by keeping your niche in mind.

3. Pick Your Main Item

Every bundle has a main specific category and you will have to pick the main item to highlight the belonging of a bundle. According to Amazon’s bundle guidelines you need to specify your main item in every bundle to specify the category. Your bundle will be added to that related category. Say for example you are going to sell a bundle in the kitchen items category then your bundle will be shown in the “home and kitchen category”. But if you want to keep your main item as a birthday toy then your bundle will belong to the toys category. You are advised to read all of Amazon’s guidelines in this regard as you cannot mix any kind of items to make bundles.

4. Pick the Complimentary Items to Complete Your Bundle

Picking the complimentary items is the next vital thing you need to do as a seller. You can pick the rest of the items to complete your bundle. It is vital to note that all of the items you add to a bundle need to be related and very much complementary. Any irrelevant item will make your bundle suffer in the long run as the buyer will never be ready to pay for an irrelevant item present in the bundle.

5. Buy Bundle Items in Bulk

Buying items in bulk will help you develop multiple bundles in no time. It will be even vital for you to make enough bundles when you want to fulfill your orders in time. You are required to have enough inventory in stock when you are using FBA. Amazon will never keep you in the program if you do not have enough inventory in stock.

6. Properly Enclose the Items

It is necessary to enclose all items appropriate to keep the bundle intact. One cannot just move the bundle items properly from one place to another if they are loosely held or the package is not safe for the transport of items. It is vital for you as a seller to ensure that all the items are properly enclosed before placing them in stock.

7. Use A Don’t Separate Sticker

Labeling your items is vital as everyone in the packing and delivery section will be able to understand that all the multiple items in a given bundle are inseparable. Using a “don’t separate” sticker will ensure the safe and smooth movement of your items in and out of the warehouse. The packages will not be separated into individual items in that case.

8. Create the Winning Listings

Creating the winning listings is the next vital thing to do when it comes to selling in bundles. Listing is important in every case but it becomes even vital when we talk about bundle selling. Creating fine-class Amazon listings seals the deal for you as a seller. You just need to take care of a few good things to make your listings look winning from all perspectives. Here is how you can attain it.

  • Develop high definition photos of your bundles
  • Generate fabulous product descriptions coupled with classy keywords.
  • A fantastic title along with details in the bullet points.

You can add descriptions even in the bundle pictures. But keeping the content in the body is also essential. It however needs to be SEO optimized to render you the desired success.


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