How to Convert PDFs to Word Documents and Image Files

PDF format is undoubtedly one of the most popular formats in the documents industry. You should know that it has its perks and cons, just like any other format. PDF format is generally used to share and upload files having sensitive data on them. Now you must know that when you are handling PDF files, you often make conversions to other formats for multiple reasons. We would not get into the details of these well-known reasons.

We would only tell you about the different ways and tools that can help you convert your PDF files to Word or any other editable format.

Top Methods to consider for PDF conversion!

Here are some of the common options that you can consider if you want to convert a PDF file:

Method No.1: Offline Conversion

This is the most basic way:

Convert/Save PDF with the help of MS Word

Some of you might not know but you can easily change a PDF file to a word from the very interface of MS word. If you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon then you should simply follow the steps that we have listed below for you guys:

  1. Open a new MS word window on your desktop.
  2. Select the File menu which you can see on the top left corner of your page.
  3. From the file menu, you have to select the option that says ‘open’
  4. When you choose this option Word would simply let you choose the file that you want to open with it.
  5. You have to direct your cursor to the drive or storage space where you have saved the PDF file.
  6. Select the PDF file.
  7. Word would ask your permission to make a copy of the PDF file and save it into word.
  8. Grant the permission.

Now you can easily get the editable Word version and do whatever you want with it.

Method No. 2: Using Converter Application on Smartphones

You can also convert PDF to word or to editable image formats if you use the right application. One of the famous options is discussed here:

PDF to Word Converter Free: PDF Converter to JPG

This pdf file converter application can easily get for your smartphone. This free pdf converter application can easily help you change your PDF files to Word and many other formats of your choice. This is a free pdf to word converter application that has a very interesting and easy-to-understand interface. You can find many options in this converter application, and you can access all of them if you register yourself with it. The working process of the tool is quite simple as you have to add the PDF file in the input box and select the format you require. The most common conversion options and tools offered by this application are:

  • PDF to Word
  • PPT to PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to PNG
  • Word to PDF
  • PDF to zipping
  • PDF to PPT

This app can be used for both personal and commercial uses.

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Method No. 3: By using third-party tools

This method is among the most convenient ones that you can enjoy these days. By using third-party website tools you can easily convert PDF to Word and PDF to image formats without any hassle.

PDF to Word Converter by SmallSeoTools

This PDF to word converter is one of the popular platforms for manipulating PDF files into words. If you want to change your PDF files for free and with complete accuracy then you can rely on this tool. The free online PDF converter is known to be best for its speed and other powerful options. The best thing about this converter tool is that it keeps your files safe and secure on the internet. There are no limitations to the use of this tool, which makes it a popular choice.

PDF to JPG converter tools

There are many websites including smallseotools, adobe, and others who are offering PDF to image converter tools. You can use these free tools to simply change the format of your PDF images into editable contents.

Method No. 4: Using online website sources

You can also change PDF to word or PDF to jpg or other editable formats with the help of websites. If you want to enjoy quick conversions on your desktop or laptop then you can try out the famous websites. One of the popular options is listed here:

PDF element

PDF element is also a famous web source that can help you handle all sorts of PDF-related issues for free. There are many conversion options available on this website. By choosing the suitable option, you can easily change your PDF files to Word and image formats.  If you need a professional conversion resource, then this is the perfect option for you. You can use the PDF element online on any of your devices as long as you have a browser and a strong web connection. The interface of this conversion platform is quite simple and elegant. Even an amateur user can learn how to use it within a few minutes.

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