buying sneeze guards

The global pandemic has taught people across the world how a virus can empower the entire human race. Even though the virus has snatched jobs from people and left them in deep disaster, people are still trying to pick up the pieces and taking precautionary measures, to keep the infection at bay.

If you are planning to invest in safety tools and gears to get protection from the corona virus, using a sneeze guard is one of the best choices to make. However, before purchasing the guard, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are the materials available for protective shields?
  • What size should you consider before buying sneeze guards?
  • Are there custom panels available for sneeze guards?
  • How to choose the mounting brackets?

Materials to choose:

Several different materials are available when it comes to buying sneeze guards and you may note the following.

  • Acrylic

The acrylic is a lightweight and transparent thermoplastic material available in different colors and finishes. Moreover, the material is scratch-resistant and highly affordable.

  • PET felt

This is another thermoplastic polyester material that is used in acoustic panels and helps in reducing noise. It is resistant to bacteria and moisture.

The options mentioned above are some of the most popular materials used in sneeze guards. Some of the lesser known materials to be used as guards and barriers are laminate, polycarbonate, and HDPE.

Installation of the guard:

How do you plan to use the sneeze guard determines where and how the privacy screens are to be installed? Do you want to install the screen as divisions between workstations? Do you want to install the guard at the reception desk to make the interactions between the customer and the staff safer? Once you know the primary purpose of installing the barrier, it becomes easy to figure out the location of installation. Thereafter, you need to move to the panel size, customization, and the mounting system.

Deciding the size:

The primary reason to install the barrier is to help prevent the spread of germs. Therefore, the guard needs to be of a perfect size for effective protection of people. If you buy a small-sized guard, you may not get the opportunity of protection against the microorganisms. Determining the height of the barrier makes it perfect for different applications. Finally, you need to measure the width of the panel to find out how to mount it properly.

Acrylic and plastic guards:

When buying sneeze guards made from plastic and acrylic, you are going to come across different colors and textures. However, most of the offices and public places install colorless guards as they are more effective. The polycarbonate guards are not as clear as acrylic barriers. Therefore, the demand for acrylic as a material for guards is higher.

If you are still not clear on which guard is better, the place of installation is going to determine the right option. The prices for the barriers are also going to vary based on the design of the material.


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