How to check if the Phone is Unlocked without SIM

How to check if the Phone is Unlocked without SIM? Nowadays, thanks to the abundant offer of network carriers and mobile phone developers, there is ample opportunity to get your hands on a brand-new phone for a small monthly fee. However, there’s a downside to an easy path to the latest model of your favorite brand, as network providers lock each phone to their network. This means that when you buy a new iPhone with your mobile service provider, you won’t be able to use the device with a SIM card issued by another operator.

There are a lot of ways to unlock your phone, some mobile operators automatically allow different SIM cards as soon as your contract expires, but there are those that need a friendly reminder to allow you the use of an alternative network. In this article, we have decided to show you how to make sure your phone is unlocked without the need to place a SIM card inside to see if it will work.

Checking the status of an Android phone using IMEI checker services

Every Android phone device has a unique IMEI, which is a 15-digit number that allows users to get different information on their device. You don’t have to be a professional essay writer on software and computer development to figure out your phone’s IMEI. There are generally two methods of learning your Android device IMEI including removing the battery and reading the number on the back panel or entering a specific code for those phones that don’t support removable batteries. In case you still have your phone’s box and following documentation, there’s should also be a version of IMEI printed there, as well.

The next step should be relatively easy for everyone. There are several online sources that you can use to enter the IMEI number and see if your phone is unlocked and free to use any SIM card you need.

Checking the status of an iPhone using IMEI checker services

When it comes to iPhones, it’s to be expected that things are not as simple nor free as they come with Android devices.  Finding your IMEI number requires you to go to Settings then click on General and look for IMEI within the About section.

The next thing is going to an IMEI checker website and entering the 15-digit number to see your iPhone’s essential information, including warranty, SIM-lock status, and other valuable information. If you ever used an online service, including best essay writing service as a college student or any other digital service, using IMEI checkers will be no problem. It’s important to state, however, that some IMEI checkers are free, while others offer premium service for a certain fee. Therefore, try to find those services that offer SIM-lock status checking for free.

Checking the unlock status of your iPhone through Settings

While I was engaged with Australian Writings and some other writing services, I used to travel a lot, and I needed a local number to stay in touch with both people in the country I’m visiting and my friends and family back home. During one of these stays, I found out an interesting way to see if your phone is unlocked using the Settings app.

Go to your iPhone Settings, then look for the Cellular tab and click on it to find Cellular Data options. If there is a Cellular Data Network option available, it means your iPhone is unlocked.

Contacting customer support service

The best way to get anything from college essay help to instructions on using a new piece of software at work is to contact support service and ask for their assistance. When it comes to checking whether your Android or iPhone is still locked, the best thing to do is contact your current network provider’s customer support service. With just a little information from your side, you’ll get first-hand information on your device’s SIM-lock status.


Unlocking your phone and knowing whether or not you can use different SIM cards with it, allows you the freedom to use your phone in different countries with different carriers. Most network operators automatically unlock your phone when your contract is over. In every other case, these few pieces of advice should help you.

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