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A lot of people are buying electric scooters these days. Yes, you hear me right; sähköskootteri in Finnish, Elektroroller in German, and scooter électrique in French. This electric scooter is the wave of the future. Practically every country in the world is realizing the benefit of this vehicle; especially its environmentally friendly side. 

List of Why Electric Scooters are Eco-friendly

Here is some reason why riding your electric scooter is safe for the environment and eco-friendly:

Reduce Emissions

The discharge of harmful fumes is detrimental to our health and mother nature. These vehicular discharges are the main cause of our environmental predicament, we are facing today. To solve that problem, we need to shift to a vehicle that doesn’t emit those pollutants.

No wonder many people have already made the switch from a car to an electric scooter for their commute. The electric scooter provides that certainty of emission-free travel and reduces your carbon footprint. Simply put, no emission means no pollution, which leads to a safer world.

Save Energy with Technology

Electric scooters use LED lights that not only light up your ride effectively but also use a very low amount of energy and activate their movement from one place to another. This electric vehicle stores power in a rechargeable battery (mostly lithium-ion) and activates the scooters at a long distance. While driving, the battery supplies power and runs the scooter via a tiny cable network that connects with the brakes, handlebars, lights, motor, controls, reflector, etc. This technology saves more energy than conventional vehicles and thus, reduces your carbon footprint.

Improve Urban Environments

Noise pollution is another contributing factor to our environmental problem, particularly in an urban setting. Electric scooters rarely make noise and are quieter than others. No noise while driving also means drivers can protect themselves from the dangerous noise of other cars or other vehicles approaching them on the road. In addition, they partially help to reduce the noise level in cities, crowded areas, or residential areas. In case you don’t know, noise exposure can lead to serious ear disorders and mental health. 

Completely Green Energy

As concerns over climate change grow, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important forms of electricity generation. Green energy has become our uttermost solution to this climate crisis we are having.

Generated energy from nothing sounds amazing, when you think of it, like the way solar and wind work. But in fact, the raw materials needed for the construction of these power generators cost us a lot more. 


Like most things in life, there must be a give and take between traditional and the alternatives. The long-term returns of wind and solar power greatly outweigh those of non-renewable resources. The green electricity that runs electric scooters is as green as it gets. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Scooter

The advantages and disadvantages of riding e-bikes are many. Though the advantages are substantial but not fatal. There are a lot of happy electric scooter riders who manage to go around these disadvantages in their day-to-day lives.


Gas Fuel Not Need – There will never be a need to buy gas for your e-bike when you ride an electric scooter. The electric scooter will reduce our consumption of gas and other oil products. You can charge your batteries in the comforts of your home.

Traffic Congestion is no More – Your electric scooter is one of the solutions for traffic congestion, especially during rush hours without detours. This is a way to get you out of a traffic rut is to ride an electric scooter out of the mess. 

Noise Pollution Disappears – To ride an electric scooter means to have a quiet ride with no mechanical engine accelerations that is deafening and harmful to our sense of hearing. You ride in comforting silence and peace.

Save More on your Money– To ride an electric scooter means that you do not have to pay taxes, petrol, no traffic congestion charges nor pollution penalties. It does not cost much to have a comfortable urban area ride.

Trendy and Fashionable – Electric scooters grew more trendy and fashionable that look great and deliver better mobility.

Accessible Parking Spaces – The electric scooter provides the solution for problems for parking spaces. It’s easy to find a small area where it can fit.


Low on Speed – This disadvantage is not common to all-electric scooters. However, it should be noted that Roll Boys electric scooter has wheels like that of a traditional motorcycle which cannot affect its cruising speed.

More Charging Time – Charging the battery of an electric scooter takes more time than refueling for a scooter with a combustion engine.

Little to No Storage Space – These are issues for people who bring a lot of things at work and at home that won’t fit in a backpack. If that is the case I don’t recommend this to you. Hence, if you rely on large storage spaces for your vehicle, you should refrain from getting an electric scooter.

Maybe Prone to Accident – The use of electric scooters has exploded in the past few years, and can be dangerous for pedestrians, and can play a part in car accidents.

It May Not be Suitable for Obese Persons – Electric scooters most likely won’t suffice for a person above 220 lbs (which is exactly why they specify 220 lbs as their maximum weight). Therefore, these scooters are not suitable for people with heavy overweight. 


Are electric scooters safe? The safety of a vehicle depends upon the owner’s use of it. Just like every two-wheel transportation, there are appropriate gear or accessories to keep you safe all the time. 

Yes, electric scooters can be safe, but only if they’re well built, have certain key safety features, are well maintained, and most importantly, are ridden well. In Roll Boys Electric Scooters they make sure that every electric scooter that comes out of their factory is of a high standard and has safety features. We have done our part, so, ride it well.


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