Checklist for correct GST invoicing

“Checklist for correct GST invoicing” Are you still find the answer of this question. Now you search is completed here. In this article we are talking about it. So stay with us to know everything in details.

In the time of digital transparency and transformation, in the present time of digital transparency and digital transformation, we have different facilities and software for getting the right GST compliant format of the invoice. Click here to get the GST invoice format suitable for you and your business.

Specifically, all the software provides tax invoices that are different in their formats. And it carries specific details that are compulsory according to law.

Also, a person should issue these invoices within a stipulated time frame. A complete and valid invoice in itself should include and comply with the rules and guidelines framed by GST tax regulations.

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Now let’s understand when the GST invoice got by the supplier lacks some information or is complete for those who need them to claim INPUT CREDIT on them.

These important tips will help you to ensure that whether a tax invoice is valid or not. Check out the best tips for verifying your GST.

1. ID Proof and name and GSTIN

Your GST-compliant invoice should have the complete address and names of the supplier. It should be the one used for the registration of GSTIN. It should have the entire necessary information. Moreover, the important thing is the GSTIN number. This must be mentioned in the tax invoice, legit and completed.

2. The exact date and sequential serial number

GST laws have stated a time frame for issuing the GST invoices. So the date of issuing the invoice is an important element of the GST invoice. When there is a supply or service, the GST invoice should be given in 30 days from the supply date. And all invoices should contain a serial number of a specific financial year.

If the supply of goods is with movement, the invoice should be issued exactly at the time of removal of goods.

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3. Goods Value

If there is a supply of goods, then the GST invoice should have mentioned the number of goods. Also, the number of items should be mentioned in the receipt.

4. Rate of tax

The entire distribution of SGST, CGST, UTGST, and IGST should have been mentioned on a tax invoice and the tax rate.

5. Recipient GSTIN

When the recipient is registered, it is mandatory to mention the GSTIN. But if the recipient is not registered, but the value of items pertains to be 50000 plus, then the seller has to mention the address and name of the buyer with the delivery address (name of state and code).


For GST compliant invoices, we have mentioned a compact and easy to follow checklist. Also, you can check the GSTR 9c applicability and how it affects your business. After having a quick look, we hope to assist you with a knowledge of the compulsory points that should be a part of the GST invoice combined per GST tax invoice practices for one to be least concerned about the same.

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