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The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatch available in the market. This watch provides excellent fitness tracking features and comes in a sober and sleek design, and it amalgamates perfectly with Apple’s ecosystem. 

But, with a plethora of excellent characteristics, it’s not possible to know everything about it. That’s why we have put some points that you should know about the best smartwatch in the entire market. Below are the seven things that you didn’t know your Apple Watch could do. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Apple Watch


You can utilize your Apple Watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone. For instance, if you’re vlogging or taking group selfies using the phone’s rear camera, you can also see the image on your watch. Doing that is very easy. It would help if you opened your iPhone’s camera and the camera remote app on your watch. After a few seconds, the view of the image will pop up on your watch display. 

Controlling the Apple TV

You can use your watch as your remote. Utilizing it is super simple. You need to open the remote app and then tap the Apple TV button, and then you can control your Apple TV the way you want.

Apple TV
Apple TV

But you remember to do this; your Apple tv should be logged in to your Apple account. 


According to the Apple smartwatch price, it gives excellent features. You can use it as an intercom while efficiently communicating within your roof. However, it would help if you had a homepod for connecting to the intercom. Your Apple Watch can also be an essential element for your intercom setup. To install it, open the Home app and then click on the tiny house button on the left. Now, go to home settings and then intercom. Once you’re connected, you can use Siri on the watch by simply ordering things to Siri. 

Taking A Screenshot with The Help of Apple Watch

You can conveniently capture screenshots on your Apple watch. Of course, you need to enable a setting first, which comes in handy. To enable the screenshot feature, you’ll need to open the watch app on your iPhone.


Next, head to ‘my watch’ and then general. Now you need to scroll down to enable the screenshot toggle. Now you can easily take screenshots by pressing the side button. 

Unlock The Macbook

If you have your Apple Watch with you and your MacBook is nearby, you don’t need to type the password. Instead, you can communicate with your Mac and unlock it via the watch.


You can easily enable the MacBook by heading to the system preferences on your MacBook and then opening up the security section. Finally, select use the Apple Watch to unlock other apps and Mac. 

Find Your iPhone With Apple Watch

You have your watch permanently attached to your wrist, so it’s unlikely that you’ll lose it. However, you might misplace your phone. But, with Apple watch you can find it too. You can scroll upwards to the quick settings and hit the iPhone button, and the wave sounds would help you find your iPhone quickly. This can mostly be done if you lose your phone around your house. If you misplace it somewhere else, you can turn on, ‘ turn to find my’ on your watch. 

Putting The Call On Hold

You can utilize your Apple watch to answer calls when your iPhone isn’t with you. You can tap the three dots on the menu when you receive a call and then select the answer button. Until you don’t answer on your iPhone, the caller would listen to a repeated sound. To utilize this, the iPhone needs to be paired with the watch. 

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An Apple Watch is an excellent device for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Apple devices can do everything which is not possible via other devices. It can be your fitness partner whenever you wear it. You can always stay connected to the people and things you care about the most. It is a standalone watch that has a plethora of features. 

Wrapping Up

Today, the Apple smartwatch price is comparatively high, but it’s worth it. If you’re still unsure how to get this watch, you can check the Apple watch forums or check out the reviews to make your final decision. You can also purchase it and use it for a week to see if it’s working well for you. If you don’t like it, you can return it to the store. The Apple Watch can be a massive element in your life while eliminating all the difficulties in your daily routine. 

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